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And this is going to sound a little bit strange i mentioned stated in the hideo nomo factor hideo that these teams do you remember hideo nomo how can i ever forget what was unique about hideo nomo's game his windup crazy wind sure and an early on in his career hitters just couldn't figure it out and there was just the thing like well baseball's going to catch up on baseball's going to catch up to him it's just so new and so weird indifference that everybody just sorta struggled with that i think that factor for minnesota with a new staff new offense new defence familiar faces obviously put new schemes do attitude whatever and coming off of a very strange back half of the year given everything that happened off the field deal it's a fresh start for the gophers i think the hideo nomo factor four minnesota is higher although i think it's still exists with iowa because the new offense but i see iowa even with returningstar power in the back field i think you and i both love akram wildly nieto i think the hideo nomo factor favors minnesota so i'm going with the gulf we're we're chock full baseball analogies as it relates to the big thailand loved hideo nomo i love you're a dodgers fan to you still lawyer so i can certainly see why he'd be big deal who wasn't a hideo nomo fan absolutely mean your yankees fan and you had you had a bunch of japanese imports maybe that played a little bit unorthodox way hideo nomo is no hadaeq irabu baju but he was still predicted an exciting to watch but we've used the hideo nomo factor in the big ten west we've also compared playing in evidenced into trying to hit a nickel bowler at some point in our past so big ten west should be an interesting year i think it overall improves i'm gonna go minnesota here over iowa.

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