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Cabey Tober Krueger in Brooks with these two to six on KNBR six eighty Jake big men to Kevin Pelor the kids swing a shot on one hot passer region Marcus Semien into left center field base his whole are leads up to seven with a single he doesn't waste any time does the does not so it's two two with a chance have the go ahead run aboard a year and the Donovan Solano is gonna hit against the man for scooter genet we'll see Bob Melvin makes a counter movies the ETS just got somebody up in the bullpen I don't think there's use well yeah we know that body even in the caddy uniforms of the razor wearing a it's by the way after this afternoon yes seven thirty stretch sponsored by dignity health hello human kindness about members sticking with the minute I think the giants now are very happy with this match up Solano against a lefty with Polari first and nobody on a big hole open on the right side of the infield salon I was good at that the pitch very high from determined ball one that brought regulated catcher out of his crowds Pinder moved from left to right Grossman stays in the game after hitting four to Scott Ian years now the left fielder for the ages Judy to transfer down to nothing a Crawford home run put the giants on the board Crawford's on deck here now and then back to back to out hits Dickerson along Gloria tied the game last inning here's a slider infrastructure Solano one one movies Donovan have on the back of his Jersey SO well why Sally slowly no explanation needed here's a swing a foul wanted to a time honored tradition in baseball shorten your last name and put a wire and I at the end of a loosely until you stop a is warming up in the bullpen his players weekend Nick name on the back of his Jersey is Gus yeah that's a good one exactly what you said Georgia does he would not at work now wanted to swing a bat Solano goes down fast one ninety five miles an hour so the giants used to pinch hitter and I think again I think really like that match up but credit when the number one brand Crawford comes up for the third time in a home run already by the way this is the like the seventh inning James demo sada of San Francisco's are contested if the giants were hit a home run in this having James would win a V. I. P. stay and play package at the grand Sierra resort and casino in Reno okay the pitch on the outside wall one you can entertain your dot com slash contests ended two giants to them your roommate's it's kind of a bonus is like a different brand new friend book that's a real life wanna know news is set by the men and the bench it is one animist by Crawford home run went down the left field line we carry the wall by twenty pretty impressive opposite field power from Crawford is it hard both times those advance came against the starter right hander Bassett now facing the left hander Jake deep in the pits is on the outside corners right to ninety six miles an hour yet another lefty Mikey stress me out on deck and then another lefty Stephen vote after that so you can see why Bob Melvin wanted to stick with the men due to the score Polari first one out I want to finish off the outside good take two into one Crawford I'm sold out on his way right now I think that's a good plan against this guy and I have the the infield playing Crawford this whole thing you get something away and have that kind of idea an approach you could hit a line drive there's a lot of open space on that left side two two is a slider down away three to well I see in this game the way it's going the muzzle simple are well I think you're right if you can get any kind of reader job against defense to here's the pitch is not going in Crawford bounces it to second pro first got a real quick the second one civilian double floods the first is late we don't turn to I thought the fact that he wasn't going was going to cross the James a kid with a double play maybe semi amid the feed from pro far might have been a little soft maybe that throughout the timing maybe not this incidence rolled around in this world maybe this is what the doctor ordered for you strangely a lefty facing tough lefty the great will recover used to tell us that he would talk getting and to say how he really needed to be in there against left handers when he wasn't going well not the tune because the left handers with the pictures that helped him get out of a slump first pitch the address he drives one to left field in pretty well hit Grossman moving over and he'll make the catch on the run at this time view I think body by that one came up short and hung up just long enough with Grossman to make so the giants getting hit but they do that for including French time still two to two giants in the eighties on your northern California Honda dealers radio.

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