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We'll kick it off with Brenda Brenda. Welcome to the show, Darlene. How can I help you got a great program? I've actually the tonight's the first time I heard it. And thanks. What's going on at home before it got on the phone with you? So I can actually write some stuff down. You're talking about being forty years old and trying to prevent diabetes just found out about three weeks ago from a Bill that I opened. I had the doctor thin that's out invoices from last year for taxes and going through them. I noticed with the doctor had built for diabetes. No an Itis back into life or my husband. No, I call the doctor's office. In turns out, they had diagnosed him with this. You did not understand the he was diagnosed with diabetes. Wait, wait a minute. Let me let me get this clear hold on to his doctor in July of last year. Gets a physical. I guess they do the blood work and all this sort of the he's not feeling great. And they diagnosed with diabetes, but they don't tell him that. Now, what happened was I took him in last January for a sinus infection her downing had high blood pressure on high blood sugar, physical that gay. He ended up walking out of there with the blood pressure machine like sugar machine. I mean, he was feeling like he was a hundred and ten years old right now. Anyway, he was going in about every sixty days getting check getting everything done. He, you know, his blood. He's checking them every single day in they're running between somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty six to as high as one hundred eighty. Okay..

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