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Liam payne the only thing from dortha yeah ooh ransom and the in then he bradley wiggins henry cavill in thief you want to 27 to septa now listen to this comey nice right here your kid he got kids skopje nights get under by collapse i need a what is your apparent and you'll have anybody to watch your kid but you want to go take a spin class so he's going to come along with me all hold odd for second sister sue mmm if you're a parent any you can go to spin class and you can take your kid i think good life i think i think it sounds like you have a good like the spinning bikes they're not two dollars so i think you're having a good life for purdue on that now what i don't quite understand it maybe i'm wrong by that's what i don't quite understand is if you're kit all i wanted to do when i was a kid as rival bike outside that was try him on i love fitness i didn't understand it got older but i love fitness and now they're they're i'm seeing more kids like young kids who can barely get on it a bike on stationery spending bikes exercising enduring their take now you may think it's great but i just feel like riding out outside is is such a great by plucked up what fellow especially the weather in southern california okay the here's the amanda thank you are man in los angeles for hearing this conversation now manda may disagree with me because it you.

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