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And then you know eventually came out to la started doing commercials which led to bits and things which led to meeting. Liz meriwether liz. Meriwether was the one who put me in no strings attached and then new girl if if you were to chart which i was just doing mentally of before we got online together. Yeah if we were to chart the connection points. Yeah for sure all the things you've done on and you've done quite a lot. Everything has connect point. That leaks leapfrogged over to something else does. And you've been exceptionally fortunate in choosing your partners choosing to hang out with well. I'm a big believer in its people. I when you're talking earlier about the fear recordings. I don't want to sell anything but you're talking about a movie. That had a crazy premise. And our how is that pitched in. How do people say yes. My real way of doing it from the beginning is i. Don't care about the pitch of the product. I care of the pitch of the people. If a if a director who i really respect says i have a project that i like you for it i'll just say amid because whatever that is our holiday cmih it. I want to be in that saying if there is a great actor Those you know. I want to attach your with me on this director is i'm like it doesn't matter because you and i can find it from within but i cannot do it alone and when i've tried and i've just auditioned book job and i'm the only person they're quote unquote on my team. If you then give a notre thought that you're not doing it to be disruptive you're trying to help it you're viewed as problematic because your alone and you'd as bossy viewed as this ship is gonna direction. Why don't you want to sail with us. You think you're selling into a brick fucking wall. You have a team with you. You're you're actually is trying to help the thing right. I'm not the kind of actor i don't. i didn't start getting paid to act until my late twenties. So i'm not an actor. Who walks into an audition and everybody gets excited about it. I never have been a never been a top pick at never been the one where they go like. How about that guy But what happens is when i work with people a lot of those people. Wanna bring me back. So i'm more of a. I find tunes in little tribes and try to work with that tribe as much as they can so like. Liz meriwether who saw me saw me through a guy named max winkler max. Winkler saw me. Sarah mike. Sarah met at a party and did a short list. But matt's was the connective tissue that got me from the u..

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