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Trail, Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidates, Democrat John fetterman. I got knocked down, but I got back up. And Republican doctor mehmed Oz legal immigration, the way my father came in and many of your relatives is it. And it's over immigration, abortion, crime, fracking, healthcare, and more. And he would support cutting Medicare in that space. Why do you say that? That's a sentence. It's one of many claims denied by TV's Doctor Oz at last week's televised debate sponsored by the network news nation, a debate that gave voters a chance to see what fetterman called. The elephant in the room. The effects of his stroke in May that left him with lingering cognitive and speech issues debate organizers using big screen monitors with questions and answers displayed via closed captioning, challenges fetterman addressed on the debate stage and at campaign appearances days later. I may not say everything perfectly sometimes. But I'll always do the right things if you send me to Washington, D.C.. As for his part, his largely stuck to the issues, despite members of his campaign deriding fetterman over his stroke, famously suggesting he should eat more vegetables, still fetterman supporters like John Abbott of Harrisburg, remain loyal. First voice with my party, he's pro choice. On the other side, on abortion, Doctor Oz says he's pro life, though at the debate he split political hairs, framing abortion as a matter for states. There should not be involvement from the federal government and how states decide their abortion decisions. Then there's the nagging issue of Oz's residency and criticism he's a carpet bagger, moving to Pennsylvania just to run for office after living for years in New Jersey, voter Laurie Johnson giving Oz a pass. We don't get perfection with candidates. We don't get to create their resume,

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