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You're correct about that. I think you're on that's an god it phoenix. You just clarified a lot for me. I think that's the right word. Is that the horror is not sincere. It's it's it's reflections of reflections. It's tropes and not in not its own thing thank you. Thank you phoenix for connecting. Some things in my brain. Sometimes i get there It always brings me a lot of joy. Hey thank you for and by the way. I don't regret watching this movie. But i'm never going to seek it out. Oh i've had to watch it twice. Its worst the second time i believe. Yeah because the first time you who where are they going with this and they don't and that's a movie that again it's not bad. It has a seventy percent on rotten tomatoes. That it kinda earned. Yeah it's the most competently made bad movie ever made. It's just not good or fun. it's just it's like the perfect five paragraph essay. It's never gonna change your life but you sure did get ney well with that. I think that we should thank everyone. We're glad that you're joining us. Still at this point with our besides we've got a really awesome next couple months for you. I also think that this episode is gonna flow really nicely into our conversations about revival because both this and revival toes some interesting lines around genre versus non genre Join us next time. Join us won't you. For maybe one of my favorite. Stephen king books revival. We will see you then. The bye bye.

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