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Whatever and jessica. I feel you were mentioning that. There is a difference between asian stories. And i don't even. I don't know if hollywood understands this yet. But there's different between agents stories and asian american stories right and you know those are those are different things. Yeah yeah because thematically like we care about different things and also. Our relationship to representation of ourselves is different than they have in. America like an asian american audience like we. We want to see stories that kind of reflect our our experience but also our relationship to our heritage and whereas like that's completely uninteresting to people in asia because there are like what the fuck it will tell you about like. They don't have that issue with exploring their heritage and what their relationship is to their heritage into their culture you know because they just live and exist as themselves as the dominant majority who've never had any sort of problem with representation. All of their stories are their stories. Yes whereas for us we're trying to eke out slivers representation for ourselves in this greater span of like western media and that's something that they don't understand which is very frustrating for me. Because it's like i understand you understand me. You know what. I mean and that sort of thing you know. i'm. I'm not trying to necessarily you know shit. I'm not shitting on any asian stories. Those are cool stories to. I'm just saying that like there's also our stories and should be. There should be fine if you got if you got there are hot. Chinese dudes mean. Who's who's who's who else is in. Change tony young. Isn't it yeah. He's amazing. I love that guy great. And he's a legend. And i want him and i want all these Asian american actors to so. I'm not trying to restrict. I'm trying to expand like sort of the range different things and to your point jessica. It can be very frustrating. Because you you sometimes think that maybe that asian people from asia would be on our side but they're not hundred sometimes so we're not the same and that's the problem. The problem is that hollywood is treating us like. We're all the same. I think that's what that's part of the reason why. Asian asia asians are bristling against. Because they're like. We're not the same as asian americans aren't and there's acknowledgement different by by white hollywood because hollywood is like look asians. There's asia you look a look at your own. Hollywood twenty like you know if they could if they just acknowledge if they were look guys. This is an asian american story. And it's four. Asian americans made by asian-americans like that. Would i think that would go a long way in asia not feeling patronized because that's the other frustration with with people in asia is that there are like. Do you think it's insulting for you to think that we are so dumb. Yes sad just seeing an asian famous enough for us to buy into your movie right now. Like that's insulting like we're not the same and you think that we're too dumb to not know that we're not the same as that person you know and also do you think that we're so dumb that we don't know that you only through that one asian actor for ten minutes because you think it'll get our mighty chinese dollar. We're not dumb. We're actually intelligent people and it's very insulting for you to think this you know when someone tries to like scam you. But they're so bad at it now. I'm insulted that's how it feels you know yes. The problem is the way. Hollywood is acting about it like they keep acting like it's the same and and it's an entire group of people that are like you're lumping us in with people who have a completely different experience and relationship to this culture than we do. Yes yes and to your point it. It's a disservice to on both sides. It's a disservice. Asian americans ended the service to to agents. I think you're right. Things will come out and say hey we got this guy here and there will be just like well just because they kind of look like me doesn't mean this is not serving what i need like. Look this is this is the oppressor favorite game which is a pit the minority groups against each other now the now like asian americans in asia and asia asia. Asians are fighting each other. Rather than trying that i s hollywood right and i'm i'm not yes exactly instead. We're literally fighting over like cba lose. Abbas who fucking we're fighting for who's had okay we can all. Let's this is how why we should all. Just go back to the okay. We can all agree the grand eminem's hot this. What this all comes down to genius. You've done it. Do you think that this is like i feel like this is uniquely is an american problem. Because i don't ever hear like okay. Let's say okay. Take a movie like moonlight. You know we don't hear anything about how like okay if they just showed that the people from like i don't know ghana or something you know if they get upset like we don't hear anything like right they're never they're never like marking it towards conflict in africa because just because their skin color is the same right yes right. I think that's one thing that always pisses me off. Is that In the media to they. There's this idea that like people in agents who are in asia asian than us and therefore if they're not upset about it we can't be upset about it you'll see you see..

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