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Cargoes only Stefano dedicated to news around the clock. News Radio seven eighty and one point nine FM. So those who police called it despicable a computer scam targeting seniors that netted scammers thirty thousand dollars in just one case a scam went on until a family member finally asked a woman about eighty why she was having financial problems, then says south Elgin, deputy police chief Randy ending the truth came out that scammers had been calling the woman telling her they were from Google and that a virus had caused a series of problems with her computer and to get it fixed. She needed to pay by buying Google play gift cards and reading the numbers to the person on the phone the scammer swindlers, somebody take care sound like to have compassion and sound like they're looking out for their best interest. Not indeed says the five-month-long long scam of one woman netted thirty thousand dollars. Steve miller. News Radio on one zero five point nine FM federal agents say they have arrested four members of a Middleton. White supremacist group who they say with two Charlottesville Virginia inside a riot and attack protests at the daily white nationalist rally than the Europe from California US attorney for the western district Virginia Thomas, Colin folks, were members of organized group engaging in criminal activity in multiple jurisdictions. And for that reason they race to the top of our priorities. A group is ram or rise above movement their affection for social media helped investigators both identify them in document allegations. Benjamin Drake daily Thomas. Walter Gillan, Colin white and Michael Palmer Selous all face up to ten years. Masella lost his job at Northrop Grumman after he was identified in a story by PBS frontline and propublica that same story led to the end of a Camp Lejeune marines career for CBS news, Charlottesville, moving to weaken regulations and radiation exposure, the proposed rule would require agency regulators to give appropriate consideration. To arguments that lower radiation exposures, are okay or even healthy. Have you challenged by most mainstream scientific organizations? The move comes amid the Trump administration's push to rollback APA regulations, it sees as unnecessary and costly to business. The change could lead to higher levels of exposure for workers at nuclear installations oil and gas drilling sites medical workers doing X rays and C T scans and people who live near Superfund sites. Ben Thomas, Washington and emergency test alert. We'll be going out tomorrow to mobile phones across the country. This is what it will sound like starting at two eighteen PM eastern time eleven eighteen AM on the west coast..

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