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Of NATO leaders, including President Biden coming up next month, but What will they be focused on him today on the agenda in Paris, the French president meeting with NATO's political chief Jens Stoltenberg says, We will reinforce our unity and solidarity. This means consulting Maura in NATO on all issues that affect our security, reaffirming our fundamental values and strengthen our commitment to collect the defense. But Macron stresses solidarity is not a word that could mean anything at any time. He ruffled feathers at the last summit when the label The alliance brain dead without any clearly stated Mission. Tom Rivers, ABC News at the Foreign Desk the way with Compressor Station shut down for 1/4 time in less than a year yesterday, and Senator Ed Markey now is speaking out, he says, This is a sign that it should not be operating now or ever. A spokesperson for N Bridge, the company that built the compressor tells the favorite legend maintenance is being done, but the compressor should be back online shortly. Emperor says they're committed to safe and reliable operations. Researchers in Britain are exploring the effects of air pollution on Children's health and the steps that governments could take to create a cleaner environment. British scientists are tracking the movements of 3500 kids to better understand how air pollution effects their health. London is one of the most polluted cities in Europe. Even if you live in the countryside at the moment, you know you're not far from the main road, a busy road The impacts can be deadly. Last year, a corner ruled air pollution contributed to the death of a nine year old British girl who died after an asthma attack. That is CBS is he and Lee 84 schools in England are taking part of this four years. Study. With students aged 6 to 9 years old three a weight off the Wall Street. Andrew All day is at Bloomberg. Kind of a weird week. We started down. We had a little spike on yesterday, and now we're just kind of all over the place. Yeah, And this morning, it looked like we were gonna have another spike today, but it faded for tech stocks. And so the NASDAQ right now is losing 37. Other indexes look better down rising 164 S and P 500 of three. Anyone has been house hunting lately knows that there are two big things going on. Right now. A tiny inventory of homes available for sale and prices going through the roof Realtors Association says That combination weighed on US home resales in April. Unexpectedly falling 2.7% of the lowest in 10 months. The median home selling price jump 19% from April last year. Biggest jump on record home prices rising so dramatically that for the first time on record, half of US homes have been selling above their asking price. That's according to Redfin. Looking at transactions from the middle of last month to the middle of this one and zero day Bloomberg Business on WBZ, Boston's news radio..

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