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Wow. So what kind of satellite images are you looking at well. I just wanted to see if we were going to have good weather for the kickball game later. But the satellite. I follow doesn't seem to be working. It's not giving me any images at all. So this weather satellite up there. Is it big made of metal with speak solar power thing sticking out of it. Yeah okay so it's not so much in space anymore as it is on the ground outside of your cabin weighed what. The weather. Satellite is on the ground outside of my cabin. Yes what was really excited for the kickball game. We're having later and was practicing my big hole. Run guaranteed kicks. I kicked the ball so far that it crashed into the sampling you kick to kick ball over twenty two thousand miles into the air and knock the satellite down from outer space. Maybe yes well when. It's time for the kickball game. I want to be on your team someplace. Physics biology daughter space dennis. Okay that's.

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