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All right folks settle in because today we're in. . New Orleans. . So, , nineteen eighteen to nineteen nineteen I'll carry we've got some pretty big stuff going on here. . There's a lot of names. . And quite frankly there's just a lot of information so I'm really just going to go. . Bare. . Bones. . Here's the information kinda thing. . Okay. . That makes sense. . Perfect. . So. . New Orleans. . We're in nineteen eighteen. . For, , those of you who don't know our New Orleans is it's in Louisiana. . Continuing may twenty third of nineteen eighteen? ? So it is sticky hot in Louisiana New Orleans. . For, , those of you who don't come from the south of the United States, , it gets a really stupid humid and really stupid <unk> around this. . Time of year okay. . Like, , miserable miserable like it's weather you wear as what we say it's growth. . -actly. . But. . Honestly I don't know if it was any different back then you know climate change and all that. . Probably not. . Anyway so During this time. . The town of New Orleans was. . Just. . Terrified for their lives and I'm going to get into exactly why here in a moment but Let's talk about. . The first victim occur. . Protect Victims I. . Guess. . So we've got Joseph and Katherine go on May Twenty Third Nineteen eighteen like I said. . They owned a grocery store and they lived in a little apartment like above the. . Grocery. Store. . . They were both Italian Americans hard working <hes> they. . Were pretty much part of the community I mean they own a grocery store so You know people know him some people like them. . It was also a weird time. . and. . that. . It was a time that was. . Racially. . Distraught almost <hes> people didn't necessarily Really. . Get along with other races. . Sure, , so you know. . We can relate. . Yeah. . It doesn't feel that different from now. . Yeah. . Yeah. . So it's nice to know that one hundred years ago. . People were still stupid yet. . So. . They own this grocery store they lived above it and the night of May twenty third they. . Were attacked in their, , apartment? ? He had his skull fractured <hes> by his own acts and his throat was slit with razor. . And she. . Her throat had also been cut. . And she actually died choking on her own blood. . Oh my gosh. . How terrifying? ? Yeah. . That was the first of the whole thing and it was absolutely terrible. . So you'll hear a lot of me saying <hes> that the victim owned their axe on the acts that. . was used against them or that there was a panel chiseled out of. . One of the doors to get into the house. . Okay. . Okay. . Intriguing. . Yeah. . So just keep ears out for that. . Okay, , they're ready they're ready and prepared. . Okay. . So. . The MAGGIO's died. . I two victims right there came. . Okay both Italian. . Americans. . Now. . We've got to other people. . On June twenty seventh Lewis, , Bessemer and his mistress Harriet low. . were. . Sleeping. . In. . Bed. . As. . One does. . and. . <hes> late in the night they you know got their heads bashed in by Bessemer. . Zone acts. . He actually was very fortunate and that he live <hes> unfortunately Harry it did in fact die. . Oh my goodness. . That makes three actual victims. . One is living. . I wonder how all Lewis survived that. . Girl. . I don't know but I think people back in the day had very hard heads because there's a few more that. . Show my goodness. . Okay boiler but. . I'm like, , how on Earth do you live through? ? An axe bashing your head in. . Yeah. . No kidding. . That's insane. . So. . Just tally up the count again, , we've got four victims. . Re Dead. . came. . So he's got a pretty good running. . Statistic. . Yep. . Next we have Anna Schneider. . On August fifth. . Anna was. . Asleep. . She was also eight months pregnant. . She was no. . Yeah. . She was twenty eight years old and she lived on L. Myra, , street which I only put in because I used to live on an. . L., , Myra straight. . That's crazy. . What a weird coincidence I know. . Anyway so Anish neider was home alone. . Her husband was off working late <hes> and so she. . Has I'm assuming eight months pregnant ladies are got tired and so she

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