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Meghan house kind have k one hand and addressing the other i wouldn't have been easy to navigate those steps inhales and that massive dress with that trying vessel russell's before his father was so many of them in the end but it costs winter for us with that dress no they wouldn't have done it with the dress that's why they were so that it that picture that's one of my favorite pictures actually at the train finding down the steps she walks up with brian and joe on either side that hedgerow cascade this beautiful flowers by philip critic that being decorated designs the wet west steps so did like she was walking down a path way or other up some steps you know when a country popular that you flowers and then of course we had that much talked about s moment when charles joined her of the root screen for the final leg of hotel joni up the aisle into the choir up to the high alta thing that must have been a really emotional moment for charles because you know the journey that he's been on with his children has been a so emotional being through so much and i think to be a school saying harry's future wife to the alta looking into the eyes of his boys that have come so far done so well achieved so much that's like a serious proud that moment absent name we know the prince charles wanted ago and had things not gun sit disastrously wrong with princess diana they would have had a third child but i think by the time harry was bulla no sunny by tunheim was well known marriage was a retrieving play on the rocks sit didn't have any more children just william and harry we know that he wants to daughter of course he did walk alexandra knatchbull his daughter his very very close friends danny i'll think in twenty sixteen when her father couldn't do it so it was a lovely moment and i was told i am mecca didn't ask him he offered is always quite interesting how that was played out.

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