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Our nation's Capitol press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says President Trump and the rest of the administration strongly condemns the actions of the protesters. It slow on the 57 in Braila. That North downside is backing up from Braila Canyon Road, traveling ahead to the 60 and the 60 East Spanish slowing down out of industry, with delays from Seventh Avenue all the way to the 50 Cent. Then let's check in with Mike O'Brien K a pie in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Troubles at the East L. A interchange Angel north outside of the five transition to the West end. That was completely closed for a long time. That just reopened the right lane that leads the left lane block and still a tie appear. In fact, that North five pretty well jacked up here back before the 7 10 leaving the Citadel. Take the south outside of the pipe pretty difficult slowing on and off for me, Stella and change into Downey Looks like another problem just cleaning up out of mid city. It's like 10 westbound A just are about Looks like just about Roberts, and they're cleaning of a problem there. You're seeing an unusual mile or so of slowing out a bit city and adding did normal soaring on the East 10 away from Santa Monica into downtown, introduce an accident. Is it? Super woman? Super Lawyer Calm Mike O'Brien, KF high in the sky. Hey, and fly in the sky Helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez more sunshine. We'll talk about that next. You want to watch? Upgrade your tap water. We had terrible tasting water in our house. I didn't drink.

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