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Let Kathy is the one with the crop Medcalf home with the five star technician and proud partner of the Washington Nationals. 4 35 Today marks the anniversary of one of the largest military operations in history. The moment when the U. S and its allies stormed the beaches of Normandy at the start of the bloody effort to free the people of Europe from Nazi Germany. It was 77 years ago, when General Dwight Eisenhower announced the beginning of the end of Hitler's regime soldiers. Sailors and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force. You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade D Day, the eyes of the world are upon you. Their mission gain a foothold in Europe, starting by storming the beaches of Normandy about 156,000, American, British and Canadian forces landed to start their assault against the Nazis. They're usually d day anniversary ceremonies in Normandy attract thousands of people from around the world. But this year like the last events were scaled back because of the pandemic. Chill. NATO Fox News. Salvador's president calls for Bitcoin to become legal tender at a conference in Miami, which could make it the first country to do so, in a video message to conference attendees posted to his Twitter feed naive. Kelly says he's sending legislation to the country's Congress, which his party controls that would make Bitcoin legal. In El Salvador, where he says 70% of the population does not have a bank account and the U. S. Dollar is the official currency. This will generate jobs and help provide financial inclusion to thousands outside the formal economy conference was opened by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who calls his city the capital of Bitcoin with proposals to pay employees that way and let residents pay fees and taxes and Bitcoin the days Of a currency being tethered to a central bank are coming to an end, he says. While there are issues to be worked out in the end, he is confident. It's a movement. Not a moment. Associated Press correspondent Julie Walker reporting coming up after traffic and weather who has the biggest war chest when it comes to money in the race for governor in Virginia. That story just ahead 4 37 this week on federal insight sponsored by Hitachi Ventura. Federal here, Gary Hicks, the chief technology officer at Hitachi, van Terra, Federal talking about how to best leverage your data for a I M l that metadata around that data. It's The data itself is important but the characteristics and how that data was created. What does it mean to everything else is also a key component of that. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search Hot achieve Antara, Federal Hitachi van Tara Federal is built to support your mission and vision. We.

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