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That the crown France NBS ordered the killing monitor detailing know, exactly what was happening planned it in advance. Hey, if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes. Guilty corker says a colleague corrected him saying it would take a jury only twenty minutes. Corker says senators are working to blend several proposals into one piece of legislation that could get bipartisan support, and he promised it will have teeth. President Trump has downplayed the CIA assessment of the crown prince's alleged role saying maybe he did. And maybe he didn't the president has stressed the importance of Saudi weapons purchases and its ability to be a check on Iran. Senator Marco Rubio says there has to be pushed back having warned the administration needs to realize that the US risks its credibility when it comes to human rights, if Saudi Arabia isn't punished it is my view that they are trying to preserve from realistic perspective the importance of the Saudi US alliance, which I agree with it is a critical one. But all alliances are buffers. All alliances have limits and the crown prince will. Continue to test the limits of this alliance until those limits are clearly set should the Senate approved measure curtailing US military support and suspend arms sales. It would be a rebuke of both the kingdom and the president senators are working to reach an agreement on what kind of amendments could be proposed. If they cannot it would create a situation where any amendments, including those unrelated to Saudi Arabia could be considered something the leadership wants to avoid with time winding down in this congress. Jerry bowed lender. Tide..

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