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Guy works hard. Vance McAllister puts in time for each show, and he generally does a pretty good job. And by the way, we might have two or three inches of measurable snow On Saturday night into Sunday, Frank Marcelo will be covering that for you as much as he can, along with Steve Raleigh. So it don't get no better than that. Let's you and I get after it. Just heard a mentor Nicole Frederick, who has worked for years with Children at risk, and CPS. And insanity is doing the same thing anticipating different results. Can anyone seriously maintain At the half a billion dollars we spend on public school systems and Cincinnati payoff. But it actually his money well spent. We have to keep doing more of it. Over 19 is has made a parent the fraud that is public education. The city Cincinnati. It is a fraud. If you would take wanted Hills High School out of the mix is about 2400 kids that wanted hills. There's about 33,000, not at one and hills and grade school, middle school and high school. The depth of the problem is incredible. We have Jack Crumley is coming in. Jack. What is the latest, if any Hi. How, you know, Thank you. One of the passing word on. We're seeing some reports out of West Chester right now. Karen Johnson of Channel five is reporting right now about the bomb squad is on scene, reportedly over a report of a bomb threat at AstraZeneca in West Chester. There's a Walgreens nearby that apparently that's been evacuated and also some Nearby businesses, all in that area right around Union Center Boulevard and 7 47. There's crews responding right now against the threat of some kind of bomb at the AstraZeneca this nearby It's got a lot of the businesses in the area that are being evacuated and cleared out as the police are on the scene. There's there's a Esther price in the area. Quite a few evacuations going on right now in West Chester, as police respond again to reports of some kind of bomb threat at AstraZeneca. We will pursue that with your permission. I'm a call a couple of people on sight. You will have my full permission, including my good friend George Lang, who lives there, But as you know, he said, the state Senate now, but he lives in Westchester. He knows everything. He was a trustee there for, like, 14 years. He sounds like exactly the sort of person we need to check in with. I'm gonna call him with your permission. Thank you very much. But I'll do it off the air because I don't know if he's there and I know if you want to talk, obviously. Karen Johnson. All right, We're going to find more about that. But if you're in that area for Warren is forearmed. AstraZeneca, of course, is one of the so called English companies that, he said measured success. Not a lot. Some of the English think the vaccines that doesn't work as well as Fizer. It's always Madonna J. J came out this morning with the results that indicate About 66% effectiveness for one shot, as opposed to 92 95% with two for for the other two, So we'll see how this develops. But during the next break, I'll call George Lang, who controls Westchester with an iron grip, and also Karen Johnson to see if they can come on a little bit after one o'clock to see what's going on, exactly. Let me say this. You and I know is functioning adults. I have more functioning adults. So listen to me than any radio talk show in the tri state. If you take time to listen to this sacred signal, and we've done it for many years, you're functioning by that. I mean, you take care of your own business. You take care of your own expenses. You have a family formation. Whatever that family. Maybe you're involved in a family. You're connected to your mom. Your dad, Your brothers, Your sisters, your Children, your grandchildren. You pay taxes and try to play by the rules. The entire success of one human life. Putting faith for the moment to the side. Depends on one's educational experience. If one gets to the age of 15, 16 and 17, and you're flunking out of school. You can't read anywhere close to the great level. You can't read books that are the ladders that get you out of the hole in which you find yourself. The odds of you having a less than successful life for probably about 99% every now and then someone without a high school education who can't read actually succeeds in life. It's possible. I've known many because they get into the trades. Nobody is, Ah, Maura, advocate and greater greater understanding what's happening the trades than Scott Sloan. You don't need a college degree in astrophysics to become many a trade occupation, which by proper training after a year or two is complicated, but nonetheless, you can learn it. The great majority of people have got to have a fundamental understanding of how to read how to think, cogently. How to think objectively to know where we are, where we came from where we're going to have a little bit of math, a little bit of social studies. Little bit of English literature. Little bit of American history, little bit of social studies little bit of economics, little bit of political science. You have to kind of know a little bit about what's going on your life. If you're raised by the street. When you're raised by social media and YouTube videos. The odds of you. Making it in life by your own definition is slight to none. And the fraud of public education and CPS has been for years that the more money is spent. The better results we're going to get when just the inverse is occurred. More money's being spent now. Than any time in American history. CPS with absolutely the worst results imaginable, because the worst generation of parents that ever existed exists right now and secondly, Instead of demanding excellence, academic performance excuses or given and manufactured when failures proliferate. Over 19 will be used as an excuse for the failure of urban public education for the next 5 to 10 years. And I guarantee you there'll be a school levy coming up quite soon, in which the excuse for the relative lack of performance and attendants will be covert 19 and Trump. Trump will be used for a generation, much as the Democrats used Hoover for a generation, and Obama used Bush 43 for a generation, and now it's happening again. Trump was in office for 48 months and others 48 months. 47 of those months were damn good. The last month is another issue, but I'll take that kind of president over Joe Biden anytime. So he just had a mentor on the cold, Frightened to explain what's happening, which is thousands don't even bother to turn on their computer. The other several 1000 received no education whatsoever. Parents or not configured to become teachers of academic subjects there the critical element in the first five or six years of a child's life, But after that the streets are raising the Children. In greater Cincinnati. And so the school board whether it's Ryan Messer Broschi or Melanie Bates, who I had on yesterday. Need to take a leadership role and say, How is it possible that 150,000 students and their spices of Cincinnati are performing and performing quite well and we can't get a school open? How is that possible? Chicago? Push come to shove. Lori Lightfoot, who's the liberal left wing mayor of the city of Chicago, is saying the schools must open on Monday, and she's more in charge here than Cranley would be in Cincinnati and the school union said We're not showing up. We're not working. I would refer to Ronald Reagan and Patco fire them all discharge them all. There's no education anyway. Quit paying him. I guarantee you that the teachers in Cincinnati public schools were not paid if they didn't show up to work, most would show up for work. Because they're paid for not working. You incentivize wrong behavior. You get more of it. You give pain for good behavior. You get less of it in Cincinnati. Paid whether they work or not, So as a consequence, many prefer not to work. And lastly, for those of us Who frequent restaurants, supermarkets and other establishments. The workers at Kroger. And best buy. The workers in the trades. The electrician's the plumbers, the dry Wallers. I talked to Johnny Craft to craft electric. There is busy as they can be. You talk to other individuals, a car dealerships like Joseph Chevrolet. They can't be busier..

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