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Let's take your questions so we have to guides a medical guide and travel guide to have this conversation with us. Our medical guide is dr natasha. Howard associate professor in the department of medicine at boston. University school of medicine in the department of epidemiology at the boston university school of public health. She is also the program director for the infectious disease fellowship program and here's the important one also co director of the travel clinic and an infectious disease physician at boston medical center. Lots of expertise there also. Joining us is christopher mu third. Who is the travel writer and columnist for the boston globe. I want to welcome you. Both dr hockberg welcome. Thanks so much for having me. Christopher welcome thanks so much pleasure be here so excited to learn from both of you excited to take listener calls on this christopher. I'm going to start with you. We are seeing more air travel travel across the nation. We just heard some numbers for here in new england are more people traveling now. How many more and where are they going. Well i i have to say. I'm still picturing myself with a tropical drink after you're right hard time focusing right now on area area but yes people are traveling Far more than they were I mean obviously last year at this time and altered the spring and summer of last year. The tsa is now screening pretty regularly more than a million travelers a day which you know a few months ago would be unheard of and as you mentioned it is spring break and so you have people were going to florida in families going there and then you have people who are just frustrated I feel like we all are and Hopping on a plane and going to see family members. There they're going to amusement parks Which is you know is surprising to me But yeah it's it's people are taking to the road. There's most most of the travel has been domestic. And dr hockberg have thoughts on this as well but most of it has been domestic and to the caribbean which are kind of the easiest places that Us citizens can travel to right now so listeners. Are you making travel plans like are you booking something right now or are you thinking about it. Is it for spring or summer. Are you waiting until you're vaccinated. You have questions about that. where are you going. And what steps are you taking that. You normally wouldn't take to be safe. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's eight hundred four to three talk now..

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