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Morgan. Frank. Hi, sean. I got a good one. How 'bout flat and Scruggs the Balata jed clampett all homerun? Nothing left in the home run. Be good. Right. You guys have a great weekend and everything you wanted to know about that show. Is in that thing. You you go. All right. Thank you for the call. You're welcome. Good night chart. Marlene in Boston. Hello Marlow, my bad for Leo valet. No, he didn't. Pity junction is another good one. Very good. Okay. I know I'm deep. Gape at this time of the night. Both of those shows came from the same mind of Paul Henning. Oh, really? Yeah. Paul hemming created. Three major shows green acres petticoat junction and the Beverly hillbillies. There was another one that didn't do as well. And they will pretty much about the same time to they were roughly from the early sixties to the early seventies s dating. Don't tell anybody. Thank you Franken Morgan. Thank you Marlene. Thank you. Great response. Happy new year Marlene. Jinx in Ohio lodging. Good morning. How come you only? Call when Frank is my guest. Good buddy in blood. Okay. That's right. Another brother. I've heard that before. Well, actually. Naming these off, you know, I wanna say stop Di. Everyone that's coming into my head. So. One of the ones I think that are are really they the first couple of seasons. They only did the instrumental. But after about I think it started about the third Susan one of the characters in the show actually saying it great goody is enough. It was a very pretty one. In the words were very nice with the show. Very good. I have on my good one jank's. Actually, one of the show the brother David grant goody saying, yes, you saying that. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful one. I do have another one that you guys. It's, but I didn't know. Another one that sells a lot and it was in the first season, especially sex life. Take the good take the bad. You put them together. And what are you here? The facts of life. Yeah. I mean, my head was spinning and you guys. Oh, man that was all. Like, you know every day you said like. James? James, how do you really feel about bonanza? Oh, I loved the Napa. The best shows ever. Actually, you know, what I'm gonna say this Frank may be grudgingly agree. What may bonanzas so special? As far as ratings giant is because it was broadcasting color before most TV shows were broadcast in color. So everybody watched it because he's got the beautiful panorama view of the Ponderosa in the mountains and the forest and whatnot that had a lot to do why. People tuned in nine PM on Sundays. One hundred percent right Morgan. Chris two seasons. The ratings are low. People are really watching. I think was even up a it's all been at one point. So yeah, you're right. I mean, that's the only thing NBC kept going. And of course, obviously NBC had a stock in color TV's. They were pushing. So yes. Well, the only problem is of people did have colored that that that it was a big deal everyone. I knew. Color, TV's true. So really? Color, you know, later on after you know, it was in reruns. But it is true. They already talked about that that you know, it was in color and. Most people, I know playboy TV. So it didn't really matter was. Just a whirlwind. Joe think? Out there. There's a lot of there's a lot of westerns back. Then that were really good. I mean, I still don't like western. Western so. I'm still a western fan. But I'd have to say next to that way. I TV net like Frank next to that one. Probably my second pick. I did like the wall. And of course, but okay. Yeah. This shows that were true family that shows love amongst you know, all the family members. And you know, that was a family show. It wasn't just it fits so many people within just it wasn't just this. Was family too. So they hit so many different people. It wasn't just a guy show was just a woman show. They all but kids I was a kid when it came out because I'm a lot younger than. Frank williams. But, but you know as a kid. Awesome. I still like the big guy. My mind when I was kid. Did I say the kid who you don't like? Yeah. So it reached everybody everybody. My favorite was little Joe. Either Adam or little Joe. Really? The heart of the show harder. Gold. You know? The kids. As big as the Ponderosa was wide. Yeah. Yeah. But. Chip on the shoulder though. You know, it just. I wanted a few. I I know a lot of people like Jalen, Adam. But I also ever I can't help it. Okay. All right. I've got I've got news to get ready and do so jinx. Thank you for calling in. Two thousand thing. Frankly, the. Yup. All right. Have you gotta be moving to Ohio Frank. Massachusetts for Minnesota. All right now, there's not enough time to take another call. We've got Bob Greg JR and the person who's just been screened Andrew put his name up for me in mere seconds. But therefore four people ahead of you. If you wanna call during the news, I will say this periodically people hang up, they get frustrated. I don't wanna have to hold a news. So you can try six one seven two five four ten thirty or eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty and that will get you through. But it's locked in for right now. Bob JR, Greg impact there ahead of you. And when we come back, we'll find out what they think of themes for now is new CBS news update. President Trump confirmed that he has the power to declare a national emergency about the border and at the shutdown could last for a long time, maybe here. Absolutely. I said that I don't think it will. But I am prepared. And I think I can speak for Republicans in the house and Republicans in the Senate, they feel very strongly about having a safe country having a border that makes sense without borders. I've said it many times we don't have a country. Mr. Trump made the case in his post beating with congress people turned to news conference that not funding a border wall was a critical matter of national security. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer was in that meeting we discussed a bunch of issues as.

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