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Nastja anna gene the think you can i shot a juleps tu you i don't understand how another man in tangiers sonnen slug it out yellowhammer nation what's up yellowhammer radio superstation one or one wyde ninety five point three fm also twelve sixty a m three great ways to hear the program welcome back i am scott chambers andrea ties here as well and we are joined we got some good guest in the studio we got chad prager here with us and steve much let me grew how you guys doing i wish people could hear which you guys say off the air yes aznar entertain that's what scott says off the i say it on the air well apparently some caller called in because i said a moment ago the having to drug and i'm a proud to be a drug addict cases i love my caffeine again i call it well kathy is not as a legal as heroin how their him say that he's a snowflake oh my goodness you're so i i'm proud to say that i join you in that addiction absolutely all reason the only reason stoudt steve is up today in a wake in moving caffeine the guys just drove in from hospital right yeah that's a nice little our tracked down sixty five weird we had some well you know more than obama area i love it apparently we got behind that the beverly hills billy's that were moving to california and a truck was smoke in and we like couple places to break that's that's my job every morning malfunction judge unhealthy that weird stuff every day it was right now we had a good.

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