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Crime so grave i think part of that comes from a deeply ingrained sense. That asians don't belong and that their history and wetter how consequential important or their contributions however great they may have been are irrelevant to the understanding of the development of the united states. That massacre was one hundred fifty years ago in the eighties. However there were two other ghastly crimes. One the murder of vincent chin in one thousand nine hundred eighty two two white men beach into death a few days before his wedding chin was chinese but he was blamed for the rise of japan's auto industry at a time when america was losing manufacturing jobs his killers essentially got away with it they received probation and a three thousand dollar fine and a school shooting in stockton. California we're all victims were southeast asian refugees in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. A mass shooting at an elementary school in stockton was the worst. The nation had ever seen five. Children were killed. Thirty students and teachers wounded these two events together. Demonstrate that there is a sense of no consequence for practicing violence against asians. It's really difficult to paint. A detailed image of who asian americans are in a society which knows very little about why they're here and so in that absence atrocities and the attacks on asian americans appear random chaotic and episodic. If part of the problem is in visibility you have a plan at least for your home state. What is it that's right. We need to make our community safe now but we also need to educate our children and create a new narrative about who belongs here. The thing that made me a historian was an experience. I had with my grandmother where i was asking her about when she moved from maui to honolulu during the depression and she stopped in the mid sentence in explaining it and asked me. Why did i care about her story. And she said no one cares about what happened to me and it broke my heart because i cared about her. I think that students shouldn't have to wait until college if they make it to college to find asian american studies. And so i've been advocating for proposed senate bill six seven eight is a bill to include. Asian-american am pacific islander studies in the connecticut state curriculum. This is building off a recent successes to include african american and puerto rican latino studies in our schools when we do that. We eliminate the space for those stereotypes to grab hold of people Make sense of their world based on a deeper historical appreciation. But i really want to shift the political stakes from a my history their history to a broader sense of our history in order to create an equitable and just society. We have to do that together. And i think the schools are way for us to practice that jason. Thank you very much. This is Really challenging conversation. And i really appreciate the attention to jason oliver. Chang is director of the asian and asian american studies institute at the university of connecticut. So what is happening when we look but cannot see when we see but cannot remember professor. Eric lee i cannot tell you how many times when i start lecturing to a class or give public. Talk or speak to the media. How many times. I've heard the phrase. I've never heard that before. I never knew that this happened. And i've been teaching a long time at the beginning. I thought you're right. I had never heard this until recently. Either until i had started setting it but now i'm angry frustrated. There are so many books so many documentaries so many scholars and writers who write about and center the history of asian pacific americans including these horrific histories of violence and discrimination. And so i'm left to wonder why this history of violence is not being paid attention to is not being taught and why we have to re educate over and over again time and time again every time something like this happens because it does happen it has happened and it's going to continue to happen. Unfortunately coming up the green lantern theory of the american presidency. This is on the media. I'm alex you'll host of the read back from barons. It's been an extraordinary year for stock markets particularly for companies going public. Ipo sword and they show no sign of slowing down but the boom didn't come out of the blue and there was plenty of pain on the road to ipo success. So how do you put a price on innovation. This season on the reebok. We'll find out we're winding back. The clock on a decade of ipo's from dern and facebook to uber and airbnb. The read back is available. Wherever you get podcasts This is on the media. I'm bob garfield and i'm birth gladstone. Last weekend the biden administration began distributing the fruits of the american rescue plan. Its first major win in congress. Let me tell you what. We're talking about for a typical family of four with two young children. each family member. They're going to get one of those fourteen hundred dollar stimulus checks gonna total do about fifty six hundred dollars then on top of that. They're getting the an additional child tax credit for twenty six hundred dollars for two of those kids and for a total. Listen to this. Eighty two hundred dollars for that family news. The most significant piece of legislation passed four working families in many many decades. It isn't historic bill. Six billion dollars for the restaurant industry airlines get another fifteen billion dollars. They're seven point two five billion to expand the payroll protection program. One point seven billion for amtrak easier rules for the live entertainment venues to access their eight but amidst this c- of stimulus was one glaring absence one of biden's core campaign promises one thing. Progressives are deeply disappointed by the absence of the fifteen dollar minimum wage from the american rescue plan it was taken out by the senate parliamentarian and the white house didn't fight that after a handful of moderate democrats shut down the minimum wage hike some progressive journalists blamed biden for not fighting tooth. And now i mean really really trying to get it in the bill. This belief that a president's legislative shortcomings so the product of a lack of will is what some media critics. Call the green lantern theory of the presidency the green lantern corps for those unfamiliar with the dc comics. Canon are a class of superheroes who can conjure supernatural weapons using sheer willpower as in that ryan reynolds movie from two thousand eleven. 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