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Saying everything saying nothing at all. He will talk in circles. But i feel like in this setting which by the way it was great to see it. Be a face to face reporters in the room. Colbert and tomlin in the room. It wasn't zoom. It wasn't google me to wasn't skype. It wasn't any of that stuff. It was great to see great to see that by the way. But i felt like in this scenario you had tomlin could be a little bit more honest than he normally did because right now. It's all speculation in. He's not having to answer questions about a critical call or a critical decision or time management gas or a liquid. The playoffs the playoff game. The game where he decided to punt the ball instead of going forward on fourth in short you had this honesty about colbert and tomlin that. I really really enjoyed listening to that. Press conference on monday in. I gotta be honest. If you haven't checked it out yet. You need to do that. You can go to behind the steel curtain. We have video of their. If not you can go to. The steelers official twitter page when their facebook page or anywhere social media related. And you'll find the press conference there and it was really really great to hear them talk about physicians positions that they are be targeting the likelihood of them trading nfl draft because sometimes people always clamor for the trade. They want the trade back. I don't know why. Steeler fans are enamored and i think it's probably because typically the steelers drafting in the latter half of the nfl draft and so trading up. We'll take a lot. He would lose a lot of draft capital. And so when you're trading the back half a lot of times fans will say well. You know what i'd rather than trade back. It's more draft picks. I understand it but you have to. Kevin colbert gave a super honest answer when he said if bluebird trade back let's say five spots so they're gonna go from twenty four to twenty nine which i believe is the green bay packers. Pick if you're gonna go from twenty four to twenty nine. He said there have to five players on the board. Still they would. They would want to have for their first round. Pick in that saying that. If any of those players go they still have an option for one of the players that they like. I really really like it so all right. Let's get this show started if you're watching listening live on locker room and you are Making sure people can hear me because a lot of sub you're saying they can't hear me all right so some people are going to have you wanna talk about the steelers in any way shape or form. Because i'm going to run through some scenarios here and i was hoping to get the the you know. The people listening live to kind of chime in what they would do with these scenarios and these are scenarios that have run on the website behind steel curtain dot com. It should be your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers in case. You didn't know that. And i wanna run through this but in case anyone wants to talk about anything specifically put it in a speaker request. Glad to have you on in. I also have a lot of great questions from our twitter. Folks are the writer dai crew. My writer director on twitter did not disappoint little late getting that tweet out there to requests some questions but they did not disappoint as they never deal all right. Let's do this. Let's do this now you can. If you're listening live you can either chiming in the discussion. We obviously have a discussion a tab on the locker room. We also have you the ability to speak. So let's go through this draft scenario one point zero all right so what i did is i went and i just went to one of those mock draft simulators in i put in. I'm drafting for the pittsburgh steelers. Obviously in there's no trades. Okay so not. Doing one of these goofy mock drafts where you have fifteen trades and all of a sudden. You're getting thirty five draft picks. I'm talking to you. Mattie pebble down in australia but anyways i know he's listened. So here's how it played out just a you know. The the ten was pretty obvious. It was pretty obvious To be completely honest you had the big name players. Trevor lawrence justin field. Zack wilson. tennis patrick. 'certain gives detroit rashawn slater to carolina trae lands to denver. Kyle piss goes to dallas too. Now we're getting into the positions where you're wondering okay. What's going to happen with the steelers. And so when you're looking at what's going to happen with the steelers eleven. The giants jesse horns chapter gone. Philadelphia takes devante smith. The chargers take off virginia tech. The often tackled seven jenkins offensive tackle from oklahoma state gives minnesota rashad bateman the lottery fever for minnesota against new england. Kayla varley the quarterback virginia tech arizona. Las vegas raiders. Take mike parsons great. Newsom he goes to washington. I skipped the miami dolphins. They take jalen phillips. Chicago takes back jones quarterback in now. We're getting real close to the steelers. Pick okay indianapolis. Colts allies or more from ole miss tennessee takes. Area's tony the waters. Who from florida in twenty three. The new york jets take nausea harris. Okay the new york jets technology hair. So i'm looking at this. I'm taking a look at this draft in. i'm putting my kevin colbert. Had on my mike. Tomlin had on him. My omar khadr and all the scouts and coaches and everything else. And i'm saying okay. There was a run on tackles which was expected. There's no tackles left on the board. That i wanna take in the first round not one. There are centers available there are centers available. And i'm looking at the center position.

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