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Doc of or call 877 Vax in via Steve Dresner. WTO's P traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Lord Ricketts. Temperatures are going to continue to stay in the low to mid fifties for daytime highs today, that is it and a lot of clowns around a little breeze picking up spotty showers. We're going to continue through the early part of the afternoon. And then as we head into the afternoon, improving conditions in terms of rainfall, mainly, we're going to dry out, but we'll keep some clowns around. Maybe a few pics of sun tomorrow. Those temperatures, we're gonna be back into the motivates seventies beautiful tomorrow with lots of sunshine by the time we get to Tuesday and wins Temperatures around 80 with partly sunny skies. I'm starting for meteorologists, Lauren rickets. Right now, taking a look at the temperatures across the region. 52 degrees right now in German town, 55 degrees and Fairfax also 55 d. C s DuPont Circle. 12 22 Bronte by new Look. Home design was 0% financing on your new roof until 2022. Maryland police officer has been suspended Nous facing charges after a bar fight got out of hand last week. Police and Anna Randall County say one of their officers was arrested by Howard County officers after a brawl at a pool hall along Route one in L Trade's early Thursday morning. The officer is identified as Corporal Andrew Salad. Ex police in Howard County say he was drunk and kicked. One of the officers responding to a fight that broke out their Salad X is an eight year veteran of the anti Randall County Police Department he suspended with pay while facing charges of second degree. Assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. John Doman w T. O P News.

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