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And where it ends. Karen Parker is an Upper West Side attorney. She worries that people may be turned off by these lines. Make people feel like they made her stay home and facing a lot of lines of people voting and another form of oppression. A spokesman for the State board election says there were few technical problems over the weekend. Went over, 200,000 turned out to vote. He blames these long lines on voter enthusiasm. Reporting live at Lincoln Center. Marla Diamond WCBS news radio 8 80. Thank you, Mar. Let's say 32 Amy Cockney Barrett could have a new job by tomorrow morning taking your seat on the U. S. Supreme Court. The Senate will vote to confirm her nomination this evening. I'm Tom phony The Senate was in on Sunday to keep moving on a Supreme Court nomination. Republicans want done on this vote, the Yays and 51 the nays are 48. The motion is agreed to majority Leader Mitch McConnell senator doing the right thing. We're moving this nomination forward and college By tomorrow night, we'll have a new member of the United States Supreme Court. Senate Democrats don't like it, but do not have the votes to prevented a final vote likely. Tonight. Tom Foti. CBS NEWS Washington And the U. S. Is now reporting more than 83,000 Corona virus infections in one day. That is a record not seen since this pandemic. The death toll is climbing now to nearly 224,000. In northern Idaho. Things were so bad when hospital may have to airlift patients over to Seattle or Portland in Newark, the mayor Ross Baraka, today we'll announce some kind of what he calls serious measure. To tackle a dramatic rise in covert 19 cases there in brick city in New Jersey. He says the number of cases reported in Newark is more than every other city in Essex County combined, and that county saw 155 new cases yesterday. New Jersey has topped 1000 cases statewide for eight straight days at the Meadowlands. Four people have been arrested after a fatal shooting last night in the parking lot at the Meadowlands complex. Two people were killed. One was dead at the scene. One died at Middle Lands Hospital. One of the suspects ran into the American Dream Shopping Center, and that's where a security guard apprehended that person. Three other suspects were taken into custody by the New Jersey state police. WCBS news time 8 34 and we deal with another grey morning in New York. A blast of winter has had Colorado that's a good thing for firefighters. While Snow came as a sign of relief at the East troublesome fire Sunday, it won't undo the damage already done. Nobody imagined this unprecedented fire growth. This is truly a historic fire growth grand like fire Chief Kevin Ratzmann says his crews have saved several lives in hundreds of properties over the last few days. But among the many homes lost seven belong to a local first responders, four of whom work for him. As KCNC reporter Connor McCue in Grant County. It's a 35 looking for a quick download on the morning news..

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