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So this to me because i mean it would make sense to me if the giving tree was banned because you know the hear that book is so selfish but a leading the addicts just so good oh no kidding it and i you'll remember this poem when you hear it but this is the offending poem and and you can decide for yourself it's called how not to have to dry the dishes it goes like this if you have to dry the dishes such an awful boring chore if you have to dry the dishes that are going to the store if you have to dry the dishes and you drop on the floor maybe they won't let you dry the dishes anymore so basically you know parents were worried about kids breaking their china guests or having kids manipulate their way out of chores or something it's just so weird that this was banned for that i mean it's ridiculous right like don't we want mischievous kids like not to mischievous but you had a little zany news and creativity and the kind of key to lhasa poems like that also i do think if you take things so literally shouldn't we be stopping kids from fables about mice taking thorns out a lion's paws because you really shouldn't be touching lines pause or from like watching things like honey i shrunk the kids because shrinking your kids isn't great parenting you're right it's really not a good idea if you're a parent i'm glad that we've learned that now that we're both parents it feels like you know when you look at the breakdown of the types of books that have been banned especially kids books that have been banned you can break them down in a couple of ways some of the bands are about the type of kid that you wanna raise obviously a good communist who's banning winnie the pooh is trying to protect future generations from what they see is the shackles of religion i guess and it's the same with shel silverstein or captain underpants and you know whether right or wrong their parents who want to raise a certain kind of good kid who's never exposed to any rude ideas but then there's another type of book that gets band and that's a little bit more about these difficult conversations so how do you mean.

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