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It didn't batteries for hours upon hours, and that's why everything went down. So it's been very frustrating as you could imagine for people in the in the heat of the summer and people working out of home because covert and all that to go now 896 days without power without data, connective ity, So you know there's a lot that's gonna have to be dealt with. The state has the power to review all of these things. So we'll see what happens. But, you know, on top of co vid on top of the fiscal problems that come out of covert, you know, we're dealing with the racial justice issue. You know, I think next week we'll get the plague of Locusts. Micah, No, George, That's but when my phrase exactly eyes at one of the locust coming God, I think we're probably gonna jinx ourselves now. You know, I've been watching, of course, hear the big story all across the country is what schools they're going to open which are not. I see. New Rochelle schools have already decided that they're going to be online on Lee. What do you make of that? You know, to be honest with, you know, the governor gave the direction we could go that schools could open. But he did say that schools should dialogue with their parents and all that stuff me personally, I think it would be better if they started online Learning in the month of September to sort of first of all, get get a grip. How easy or difficult online learning is going to be, and I suspect it's going to be very hard for the little kids. You know what what happens when you're those lower grades to focus on? You know something that in a computer to be educated, but I think it would give schools of chance to, you know, get the rhythm down Sanitization, which we're trying to help him with that all of the different other things to make it a safe environment because just like Major League baseball, you know we've talked about sports before when Lynn was with us, too. You know, Major league Baseball started up, but this problems and I don't know if they're going to make it to the end of the season, And if we start up schools we have to be prepared to shut him down. If things don't go, right, so I would. I would think what nearly Shell and other district strategy makes more sense to me that you ease into it. You go a month baby of remote learning, and you see how that works, And then you actually have kids in class is a little bit later. You know, George, We only talk about baseball and sports when Lynn is with us, because I haven't a clue when he's not here being the Broadway guys. Hey, I know you're out and about talking, talking to a lot of the small business owners and the restaurant owners. Up in Westchester. Are they making some money now? Or is there still a lot of unease at what the fall is going to look like? If they can't they're still in these. They are making some money now because with both outdoor and indoor dining, and everybody's been very creative, I must say, and getting as much out to a seating is possible. Communities have been shutting off the main streets of their towns. Reid did it. Pleasantville Larchmont, host of the smaller communities that you could put out a whole batch of tables outside, um and so things that things have gotten a lot better than some businesses. It depends on how you finance if you find this on the head of a pin. If you have huge rent to cover, some of them didn't make it. But, you know, some have seemed to be stabilizing. I think what we're all afraid of now is consumer confidence because it's still it's still a group of people that are not ready to go back out into the economy. And I talk to folks that Generally old, much older, not I've passed the magical 65 mark, but folks who are up there, you know, 10 years more than me, just very reticent to go back out of the marketplace, So you're not fully engaged the way you should be, but it's a lot better. I mean, when we started talking months ago, it was pretty dismal, but it's better now. You know, I've been watching, Of course, as everybody is. People are fleeing the city and big numbers. Are they? Are they coming to Westchester? What's the real estate market doing there? But it's funny because I've had about five or six meetings with various developers just over breakfast, just what's happening out there? What do you see happening? I think I see two trends. So for because it's the summertime people who live in the city who have resource is, you know, Think Manhattan Upper East Side. She she parts of Brooklyn. They have rented houses in Westchester. I'm sure this is true on the island. I'm sure this is true out northern New Jersey. They've rented suburban houses to spend the summer at and work out of there, since they're working out of their homes either way, instead of their you know, upscale apartments in the city, and they're waiting to see what happens when we hit the ball, so there is a demand. It was summer rentals another way. You know, you read your house out. You go some other exotic place for the summer, and somebody from the city comes out when she has that's in demand. The second thing that I hear about is that a number of companies are looking at having satellite offices in for my purposes in Westchester, White Plains and so forth. The main headquarters are in the city. They haven't had a president in White Plains before. They're looking to rent some office space. I don't know. 15 20 people who might come into white Plains without coming all the way into the city. They're not looking at moving the business in its entirety outside of the city, But they want to have a suburban presence for some number of their workers That could go into that location. Those air the trends I here right now, you know, I don't know. You know how accurate will be over the long haul. That's the bus. It's bad for us right here in the city Turns out to be pretty good for you guys up there in Westchester. Alright Westchester County Executive George Vladimir always a pleasure to talk to you, George, and you want to get what we want to city to succeed, Like, you know, we can't succeed at the city's failing. We're in this Well, that's very true. That's very true. Appreciate that. OK up next, we'll find out when Miley Cyrus lost her Virginia And do not swim in the ocean in New Jersey, because sharks may be the least. Of your worries. That is all coming up right next time. I want to give you the balance of nature spot right here. And here we are. 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