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I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS breaks in the clouds to some sunshine here this afternoon at fifty to a clear sky tonight, low thirty two sunny warmer tomorrow with a high near sixty and clouds will close out the work week on Friday. Friday's high sixty eight more clouds over the weekend, Richard wedding at the Weather Channel for talk radio. Six AD WCBS broadcasting from the WCBS safe retirement solutions studios. Call Rodber Barohi or one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot. Dot com. Sean Hannity show starts right now right here on talkradio. Six eighty WCBS. Though in the Passover significant evidence of collusion. How do you square that with Robert malicious in not to indict anyone, and there is significant evidence of collusion? So this vindicates the president on on collusion. This is a nearly two year rolled around the president since day one of his presidency, and he has just been. I just want to tell you that America is the greatest place on earth. The greatest place sorta thank you very much. Revolution. Sean Hannity show. More behind the scenes information on breaking news and more bold inspired solutions for America. glad you're with us and write down our toll free telephone number if you wanna be a part of this extravaganza eight hundred nine four one sean toll-free telephone number if you want to join us we got up by the way programming announcement president trump will be on hannity tonight nine eastern on the fox news channel and really giving his first reaction response to all that has happened the release.

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