Joe Biden, President Trump, Ukraine discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Soon to a website near you the whistle blower complaint I'm Carmen Roberts fox news Republican congressman Chris Stewart tells fox news the whistle blower complaint has been declassified so it should be available for everyone to look at and I encourage everyone to look at it declassification comes just ahead of Thursday's high stakes testimony in Congress by the acting director of national intelligence store though not making much of the complaint the entirety of it his his focus on this one thing that's a transcript of one phone call however fox's Chad Bertram says Democrats believe the complaint bolsters their case for impeachment I talked to a number of the the members from both sides they are coming out of the intelligence committees after their they got the briefing and saw the document Chuck Schumer the Senate democratic leader said that he was more troubled by saying this Adam Schiff said he is the chair of the house intelligence committee that the whistle blower laid this out in a very clear fashion a transcript of the phone call at the heart of a whistle blower complaint shows president trump repeatedly ask Ukraine's president to do him a favor and investigate rival Joe Biden president trump says it also shows he did not pressure you crying for help I didn't do it could take a look at that call it was perfect I didn't do it there was no quid pro quo but that was with Biden and that was with the senators. and they threatened they said you do this you do that we're not going to give you votes that's that's the real deal so we have a an honest group of people that have been maligned despite the president's claim that Biden wielded influence to help a son hunters business in Ukraine the most recent prosecutor general of Ukraine told Bloomberg news he has no evidence of wrongdoing by either Biden or his son. Erica is listening to fox news. from the Florida central credit union auto loans traffic.

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