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What's up with that song and that's not come about. Riders are treats baby. You know how they go. Mommy and me and some buddies went on a retreat and Bobby for once. I tried to write a song that has zero meaning whatsoever. I just wanted people to dance. And Lo and behold trout corona virus came along and You know maybe that's what people need. But yeah just having a good old time with buddies Jimmy Robbins on marriage. I can Matt Jenkins Josh Osborne. Big Big team to write that song on with us right now Walker Hayes and you're a guest on my super easy Trivia game show. You got the question in the category of famous slogans and your slogan was Good and I thought that was the easiest one we had on the list. You did not know as Campbell Soup. I was stunned. The easiest That wasn't easy trivia for me ever and I what I was telling the earlier. I'm really glad of the dude before me called a hippopotamus around Austin. When he made that mistake I was like I. I'm good I'm not the first off. But Yeah Man. Trivia freaks me out. That's a lot of pressure but yeah I found out you know you told me it was campbell soup but I think what did I. I'm guess hamburger helper things and they were all wrong. But that's okay I'm gonNA give you a chance to redeem yourself right now. Walker. I'll give you three slogans. You tell me what they are. The first one is the happiest place on Earth Disney world. Disney World Disneyland. We'll take either one. Okay here's the second one. The Breakfast of champions. Oh Gosh that's weedy weedy wheaties is right how about have it your way? Oh my gosh. Is that Burger Chains Burger King for bonus. They're great for the Tony. The Tiger with faucets. Yeah Yeah Yeah frosted flakes. Hey Look if you've got the rest of them he's got nice. You know what's funny is and you can check out Walker on my game show over to Mr Bobby bones on instagram. You can watch it there but I was supposed to. It was a big surprise. That your song. It's Mike if you play club at this bag you broke up with me. Went Double Platinum here. So what does that mean when it goes double platinum Walker well This isn't a trivia question. I'm asking because I'm genuinely wondering is a two million though it you know. Nowadays obviously streams count as a sale. But you know I mean my my song has been you know. I've sold two million now You know copies of that song which is man you know. You know the journey I've been on I if it really well you've had a front row seat to it and It's just crazy it's honestly a miracle it's it's it's unbelievable that I got that call you know on Friday and and now now I don't when I when I stand up I'm like hey it just went platinum now. I can say this is a multi platinum records. Well that's what we take the Trivia show Thursday night and I was supposed to break that too but I couldn't believe you've got eliminated so early honestly I gave you such a softball that I didn't have it ready. So this is your two times platinum plaque right here. I have it in my hand here. This says Walker as you broke up with me. Certified two times platinum. I was supposed to come from me but it wasn't because I'm a dope and so my apologies didn't so why have a plaque? You will never get. We're corona in. So you'll never get it but I haven't. I know it if you if you mail in my wife's GonNa make me let it sit outside. Do that really means the world coming from you. I hope I hope you know that Owner off this show. I I truly mean that Appreciate all you did for that song and just those eight tracks in general man. What a what a set up that song had and it lives on Viva Viva La. You broke up with me Vivo. Walker Hayes is what I say okay. We'll check it out. Check out the new song. We've got a lot to do here. So checkout trash my heart and also go in and search him up listen to all of it and listen to it nonstop when you leave the house. Just push play and put push repeat. Even if you're not listening build those dreams. That's what I say all right Yup Walker. Good to talk to you my friend back above show. This story comes from Elkhart County Indiana. A twenty five year old man was going one hundred and twenty miles an hour on the highway when police pull up next to him and say pull over pull over. He thought they were getting hand motions. Let's race so he kept going. Oh Wow Hey. Let him on a twenty five mile chase until he pulled over and got arrested. Wait so I would assume there was alcohol involved. There had to be right. No he really there. They said he was charged with reckless driving and several moving violations but no alcohol involved. He really thought they wanted to race. Wow what don't you have to be drunk to think that though is my question. Wow I would. I have a lean on drunk. I would all right. Is that it. I'm much. That's your boneheads story. Today it's time for the good news. Johnny Morris is the founder bass pro shops and he's decided to donate one million. Fda approved face Matt's for first responders or anyone in the healthcare. That needs these face masks. I guess it's a thing right. Now that people are more facemask stepping up to do that and basically if there's an bass pro shop or Kabila's in your town. Those masks are going to those cities. Wow Hey listen we are a bass pro shop show also Eddie goes. I guess it's a thing now like the whole new like every single story on the news for the past. Two months hasn't been that. Healthcare workers need mass. Apparently there's some virus running around. I saw the tweet yesterday. Well Shoutout Bass Pro Cabela's that's awesome. Obviously we love them But making a difference. Everybody's making a difference. I love it. That's what it's all about. That was tell me something. Good every hour. We bring positively. It's called tell me something good. We've we've done it for fifteen years. I remember when we came up with this segment. Everybody Kinda told us as a dump segment we used to it at five and six o'clock in the morning only remember way back in the day. Yeah if it's definitely early early and what happened was we started doing this segment and we have something radio called research and they started testing the segment and it was like our highest testing segments. So we started doing it more because we love doing the segment. Anyway we love positively and finding a good way to look at things and so then other radio show started doing it the next thing you know. It's all over the country. Were super proud of that. And it's really become something where known for and that song is a real song that Chaka Khan tale something good it's like Rufus and Chaka Khan on the radio. I'll be at the grocery store I know here. Don't get down the down. And I'm like all that so weird but we've become known for this after fifteen years and I love it. And there's a pastor at Trinity Church in Oklahoma. His name is Brian Mills. He's a senior pastor there and he referenced in his sermon. This last Sunday ago. Now I want to give you a little update. Can I give update? Y'All y'all fired up. We gotta get a little update term. Something good is bobby bones. That's off Bobby bojars countryman. You don't listen to country. You know bobby he's from Arkansas. Something good anyways. And that's like I feel like he started rambling because he was looking on the crowd and maybe nobody knew who. He's talking about crowd. If you remember there's no it's just sitting keys and so there's the wasn't getting any bag. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah that makes sense. I feel like I. I'm watching Church online too and I feel like my pastors. Have something similar where they don't know if what they said is it's resonating the way they thought it. Would they awkwardly keep talking well Bryan Mills? Two four seven is his name. Brian Mills. Twenty four seven Just want to say thanks to him for for what he's doing and keeping everybody spirits up and throwing us a shout out there in the middle.

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