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Here know what you park, happy to have you here with this kind of a quiet day around the bills rookies are they got their rookie development week going on that all in soon veterans have been gone since like last Thursday Friday when, when minicamp ended and of course, we are I think training camp, what we say five weeks from tomorrow, I was five I believe so thirty days. Thirty six days, six days, public math. But so it's coming. It's coming one two three four five weeks away. I brackets five weeks away and those two practices with the Carolina Panthers in South Carolina on August thirteenth and August fourteenth. We've talked about it, they'd been having joint practices for decades, you know and, and there's been a story out now and they're getting a little bit of pushback from their fans in Philadelphia. Because Doug Peterson has said listen, we're going to open up one practice to the fans this year, and they're going to charge admission. Now, the profits from that are going to go to charity, but they're selling them on stub, hub, and that kind of thing and some of the secondary markets and those, those entities take their fee off the top, of course. But the rest of it's going to go to charity fine and dandy, but they're getting some real pushback because their fans are getting to see one practice of training camp. That's it. That's, that's unusual. I think I do I think I agree. I don't know what it's about either. I mean look, the leaks changing it used to be training camp. I think was viewed by the NFL forty years ago as a way to promote interest in the upcoming season. Let's get out there have opened public practices and get people excited. And we'll sell more tickets and blah, blah, blah that that is gone. Right. P teams know how many tickets are going to sell tickets sales, or less of a percentage of what teams revenue is they know pretty much what their ticket basis and who's gonna come and why they're gonna come. And so the promotional aspect of training camp is over the, you know, the hassle remains an and you get a team and you can see it here when a team has such a good setup here with the brand new weight room in the brand new conditioning and player performance center. They have you cannot replicate that anywhere else going. Yeah. What exactly now coaches and bills coach McDermott makes us point too. There is a bonding aspect. I think training Kip talk to us about that. Steven you guys, you know, the bills extremely close team extremely talented team. And you would spend four plus weeks for every years, much longer than any training camps nowadays. Did you get bonding out of that aside from the football benefits where they're bonding was? Absolutely. I mean there's a lot of free time. Mean we're, we're notorious we joke about it now about how much time we spend downtown Dunkirk Fredonia would and or know, of course. Yeah whatever doing the stuff away from the field. But there's no doubt that training camp from what it was in the sixties. And seventies was much different than when I came in the league, they had a times guys that I played with the older guys that I came into the league with back when they were young, there were like one hundred fifteen guys in camp. They just bring they'd roll guys in the hundred and twenty guys in training camp. And it was six weeks long and there were like six preseason games and they used it to get in shape. Trey it was training camp. You had to train to get back into football shape. Nobody was making enough money to be a professional athlete. They were just getting paid to play football. There's a difference now these guys are pro athletes, do it twelve months year. They trained twelve months year. They do it on their own dime for the most part, and it has evolved from that. Now training camp is teaching. It's learning the offense. It's a learning taking reps. It's, it's honing technique. It's a much different atmosphere than it was. You know, certainly fifty years ago, but even twenty five years ago. It's, it's a different kind of atmosphere. No hitting, there's no today's or maybe one, two a day, every three days, I can't even remember what it is. There's no dude. That's there used to be teams that go out. Have a walk a practice. Go back in have a walk-through go back in and then come back out and have another practice. I mean it was like three days they were on the field all the time. That's all gone away. And it's interesting to think about where it's headed. I mean you got a facility like one bills drive. Now why you leave? Why did you leave? There's got to be something else. And one reason is that this franchise has a plan to, to have a big regional footprint. Right. And Rochester's an enormous part of that, and they embrace that, and they they've actively chase the Rochester market. And they send the team over there. And there's good reason for it. I think it's a lot of bills fans are from there. So there's a reason for that here. I don't know if New York and LA I don't know if they have the same reasons for doing it, you know, the eagles have really strong committed loyal fan base, and it's pretty widespread to at least all over eastern Pennsylvania, and into New Jersey as well. I just think things are changing now in an economic sense in the league where as much as they value. I'm sure the eagles value all those relationships, although sponsors, other season ticket holders and yet, they, they might look at training camp is not an important part of that. You know, like oh, yeah. You come out and watch practice. We'll make it available. This one. I assume that one practices at at the stadium right Lincoln, Bill idea. No, but gets sixty five thousand people in there to watch one training, camp practice serve the same purpose of charitable donation. Fifteen days of two thousand people three thousand of practice. I get I get it. But it is evolving. I, I don't know words headed but I think let's take it from when this first start happening when a guy like Dan Schneider, and I and I remember this vaguely in my past I may get this wrong. But here's what I remember he bought the Redskins and there was, there's such remember the Redskins. They sold out one hundred ninety thousand games in a row and in old RFK stadium. Remember and you couldn't get it ticket and and everybody in Washington wanted to see the Redskins and they were great. So he was going to take advantage that he bought the team, and he started charging mission prices and open up every preseason practice. Right now, he started charging admission so. What did the eagles and the Dallas Cowboys and the giants do fine? They sit there. They sent scouts down there and watched every practice and filmed up about a ticket. They bought a ticket and filmed them and they lost competitive advantage. I mean these teams were filming their practices. How are you going to get you gonna keep anything secret from your division rivals, when they can come in and film, you, you know, it's crazy. So that now it's kind of swinging back the other way say, listen. If they're doing we're doing it. And now it's you know it's common practice. They got an open practice. You've got somebody there watching, you know it's just the way it works. So now the football, guys and the and the competitive nature of the game, taken back over this way we, let's, let's have some competitive secrets here if we can even through training camp and fans are nice, even when you give away free tickets. But you know we got to we've got to have some things that are off limits as well. Yeah. The value of training camp is I'm sure something that every team thinks about what do we get out of this? Why are we making this effort and they think hard about it and you know there was discussion last week on the bills training camp? Schedule came out, and what are they got eight total eight open practices in Rochester this year for? six eight and people say well what's the point why there is a value there and i i think it's you know in sean mcdermott talk about it with us on the show last week what they get out of it what they're looking to get out of it and yet they're you know as mcdermott said last week i think is quote was we're constantly wayne we're constantly looking at the value of being away being familiar surroundings for a couple of weeks and this year it's what about a week and almost two weeks versus being here the work you get done you get it done and the benefit that comes to marketing and fan support and and season ticket sales i do think that's item it is around the league not just in buffalo around the league that's gone down right teams no longer need to be six weeks at niagara university in july.

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