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In school. The measure had passed the Republican controlled House of delegates despite strenuous objections from LGBTQ advocacy groups. Supporters say the bills would have promoted fairness for female athletes and protected parental rights. Money news at 25 and 55 brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Over to Jeff clayborn. Mark the Dow is down just 58 points about the broader markets are sharply lower. The S&P 500 Index is down 32 points. That's approaching a 1% loss, the NASDAQ's down a 128 points as a little more than 1%. We got hooked on food delivery during the pandemic. DoorDash had its best quarter ever last quarter, despite losses more than doubling, DoorDash made 467 million meal deliveries last quarter, 27% more than a year ago. The Super Bowl kept a great quarter for sports betting apps, draft kings had record revenue last quarter, almost double a year ago. It now operates in 21 states, draft kings is still losing money. A Rockville mall is on course for a refresh. The Washington business journal says shops at congressional village has been acquired by new owners with new leases lined up. Taking some existing vacant space there, the previous owner defaulted in 2019, Jeff clay ball, double TLP news. All right, Jeff, up ahead, 5 former Memphis police officers enter their plea in the death of Tyree Nichols. Ten 56 your project's begin here

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