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But. They didn't label it. They didn't go to Wrestlemania three going good news. Guys, intercontinental title match Ricky steamboat with George the animal, steele versus randy savage with Miss Elizabeth, and what will possibly be the greatest wrestling match ever? So. For me, it's not in my top favorites, but it will. It would be my top fifteen. guerrero listener is not in my top is not in my top favorites, although an amazing moment, Cactus Jack, triple H, not on my top ten, probably my top fifteen Charlotte Rhonda, Becky, no, that's not one of the greatest matches It was an important match our greatest matches AJ versus was a very good match, but not on my list here is. Here, is my less actually have to change something because something should be on the list that is not. So. We gotta take something off right now. There's going to be tough to take off. Me and I guess. I guess I gotTA. I'M GONNA. Give you eleven. Screw it I'm GonNa give you eleven. You're my eleven matches eleven matches. That edge versus Randy Orton will be better then in no particular order to be the greatest wrestling match ever. Shawn michaels versus the undertaker Wrestlemainia twenty-five is on my list of eleven for sure, definitely It might be number one on the list except. For Randy Orton versus edge. That's GONNA be better wrestling seventeen I'm with you. That's on my eleven. List of eleven. Rock vs Austin and Brad Hart versus British bulldog Wembley Stadium. Summer Slam ninety. Two is on my list of top eleven matches. The will almost as good as ran versus at backlash. All right, let's go down the list. Every other match here is not on WWe shops list. I would put. I would put warrior versus savage from. WRESTLEMAINIA seven on my list that was the career ending match, and it's funny. 'cause resume any seven is not. When you really look at it? It's really not a great wrestlemainia You know that was the one that was made ended by Hogan and slaughter with all the controversy around it. But. Hogan I mean interestingly enough wrestlemanias, seven and wrestling eight like I'm very nostalgic for wrestlemainia seven and wrestlemainia eight. I could watch those two wrestlemanias at any given moment 'cause they're wrestlemanias from my childhood, but we really look at them, and you judge them against other wrestlemanias. They're not the greatest wrestlemanias ever. But both those wrestlemanias had amazing randy savage matches on them. Rennie eight had the championship match that he won from Ric, flair and Wrestlemainia. Seven is the mass that is on my list. Certainly ultimate warriors greatest match of all time the. Ultimate Warrior Randy savage career ending match. Sensational Sherri leaves Randy after Randy Loses thus losing his career in the reunion. Between Elizabeth and Randy savage happens. Randy savage goes back to being a good guy joints. It's amazing. So. That's on my list a match. That I thought I was going to take off, but I will not. Is. An underrated match in my opinion in your house mind Games Shawn Michaels vs mankind is the first match in wwe that we saw that we realized that Mick Foley. Could really put on a very very high quality match you know, and and the I think the predecessor to the amazing match. We saw between him and triple H at Royal. Rumble two thousand. But I just I adore that match I. Go watch anytime. Mick Foley goes. He goes through a table head headfirst, and it looks like it's his head just sinks into the table. But yeah, the only thing that's wrong with that matches that it has schmaltz ending and also goal dust gold dust that came from the ceiling is all over the building so like Shawn? Michaels ends up with gold all over his back midway through the match, but other than that. That matches fantastic and if you haven't seen it, I would recommend going and checking it out. There's actually to Shawn Michaels undertaker matches. That are going on my list. And I know. You're thinking okay. We heard Wrestlemainia twenty So you're going to resume twenty-five an Wrestlemania twenty, six, no, and resume twenty-six incredible match to you could argue I almost feel like the Shawn michaels undertaker. Wrestlemainia twenty-five spot. You could just say Shawn Michaels. Undertaker, wrestling, twenty, five or twenty six. Either one of those like. If you say one is better than the other, I'll believe you there. Just to incredible works of art. But I would actually put the Shawn Michaels. Undertaker Helena cell in your house. Bad Blood match. On. My list of the top eleven matches, that will be almost as good as edge versus rain your new backlash. That was of course, the debut of Cain another in your house Shawn Michaels match. That is one of the best matches ever. Did Ends Inishmaan. I mean I guess technically end in a Schmaltz. Because show Michael's does get the pinfall victory over the undertaker, but the only reason he does. That is because cane interferes, and it's so funny like the history of the Helen Sal. Helena sow was literally created, so there was no escape. Like. The cage mattress supposed to be the blow off match. Because there was no escape, there was no interference. You just had to win. You had you had to do the match? Helena sal takes it to a whole `nother level. Because now there's a roof and there's I mean there's literally.

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