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Now back to that bay bridge Wirtz looking kind of coming in here, George the only improvement. We've seen is on the eight eighty approach to the bridge which is still backed up to the top of the ramp. But no longer backed up over the eastbound lanes of the toll plaza, but it's still back to the Berkeley curve. So we're watching marginal an incremental improvement as we move toward the new now eighty westbound still heavy through Berkeley down to the turn coming through sausalito and Marin city one zero one southbound is going to be slow on the North Slope of the WALDO grade to you, get dispenser. They've got the two left lanes coned off. And it's the two right lanes coned off in Brisbane emergency pothole repair. No longer backed up all the way to to eighty but backed up to Paul avenue in the southbound direction and the ride on highway one a one through San Jose looks great northbound from south San Jose out of the Coyote valley, you'll be an app to limit traffic. All the way up to two thirty seven. But through the construction in Palo Alto. The typical slowing up obtains now for northbound from Oregon expressway, a past willow next update eleven forty eight on the traffic leader KCBS looks lovely out there. You'll need a sweater though at sunny, breezy and little bit chilly. Fifties now deliver sixties this afternoon. Clear and cold overnight wake up to some frost and some neighborhoods tomorrow morning after that look at sunny and warmer, traffic and weather together on the eight.

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