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So far, we've established that Qatar is not a democracy. And until recently, they were toiling and football irrelevancy. But we also know that the country is ruled by a leader with an iron fist who calls all the shots and loves to spread money around. That sounds a lot like FIFA no. I mean, it's not hard to see how these guys would get along. And it's not hard to understand how a nation like guitar with a desperate hunger for power and infinite resources is just out pay all of a nation's could win the rights to house because as we discussed in episode two, FIFA delegated that hosting decision to its executive committee, a group of just 22 members who reveled in the fact that there was practically no oversight at all, all of which made it the perfect target for katata wine and die and shower of expensive moldy bags and watches, spending what The Guardian newspaper reported was $200 million on their bid campaign and hiring some of the biggest names in football to act as mercenary advocates for their bona fides. Links in the din sedan. No. Not the French guy who headbutted the other guy in the World Cup final. Don't tell me they got to him too. The very same ball king. Manchester City managerial genius Pep Guardiola essentially Catalan Bill Belichick. If you make a deflategate joke, I will cry. Sorry, Destin flour gate. What given back trucks full of cash? Oh, those two gents will sing your footballing praises. Remember, at this time, Europe was starting to come out of a recession while Qatar and gulf money was flowing, but England and Australia, they were found to be doing dodgy stuff too. Everyone was bribing or attempting to be bribed. Think of it like cold Douglas Kung fu fighting, but for payoffs and kickbacks. So okay, but if all these countries were doing shady stuff too, are we being unfair to single katara? You could attempt to make that argument, but Qatar won the bid to host a World Cup because it was the only one that could burn money in an absolutely infinite, a limited way. And it was actually an English paper the mail on Sunday that published a special report informed by a Qatari whistleblower on the eve of the World Cup hosting decision. And they revealed their crooked methodologies and predicted, quote, little known Middle Eastern state Qatar was about to shock the world and win the right to host the 2022 World Cup, and you remember tarik pandura The New York Times wrote Tommy. The bloke who helped us in episode two. He helped us understand FIFA's corruption. He returns now to explain the origins of Qatar's desire to host the World Cup and the roots of its collaboration with FIFA to bring the great game to the desert. I'm going to tell you a story. It ends with the person I'm talking about being banned for life from football. The guy I'm talking about is a Qatari billionaire. Okay, so Tariq's talking here about Muhammad bin hammam Qatari football administrator, a fine upstanding member of FIFA's executive committee and a gen two played a crucial role in Qatar's World Cup bid. He realized very quickly that the world of football, the planet FIFA is extremely biddable by that means you can buy off most people and you can get your way. He reportedly paid out a cool 5 million to get the support for that country's World Cup campaign. 5 million. Okay, so a World Cup costs about one 5 millionth of a Bezos. Is that right? And that was back in 2014. Think how much one 5 million from a Bezos worth then. The British paper, The Sunday Times, then said it had obtained millions of emails and other documents that showed bin haman made payments of up to $200,000 each into accounts controlled by the presidents of 30 African football associations. That seems a little suspicious. You're not crapping Tommy. The times went on to add, oh yeah, MBH, he'd also paid 1.6 million into bank accounts of then FIFA xco member Jack Warner, gent from Trinidad and Tobago. That is certainly an efficient though not particularly subtle way to buy influence. And so the prosecutors, they saw this happen, they had all the facts in the newspaper, and they nailed bin haman for these offenses and he's serving a prison sentence somewhere, right? It has to be. Not quite football doesn't work like that, Thomas after Greece in palms to get the World Cup. Pretty much like Henry hill entering the Cooper in Goodfellas, bin haman, decided God, that worked. I'm going to run for FIFA president. And he decided to take on set blatter in 2011, and as Tariq will tell us, that's ultimately what did him in. You know, those acme cartoons, if you were to design a corruption plot that you're going to get caught up in and get banned, this is the one. Jack Warner always had his hands out, said to Muhammad bin hammam. Why don't you come to the Caribbean and pitch to my members? So yeah, I'll come over private jet and in the jet. He has some gifts, there is a meeting which someone recorded. Jack Warner speaking about on the telephone. And he said, Muhammad's here and he's got gifts for all of you. If some of you are too pious to accept them, that's up to you. So there was a hotel suite set up.

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