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This is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good afternoon Marc Cohn in here the five things you need to know at twelve forty five one storm is done another on the way this afternoon that will deliver a lot more snow to the Boston area and surrounding suburbs president trump tells the house Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler that he will not participate in the first day of hearings on impeachment scheduled for Wednesday U. N. chief Antonio Guterres warns the world must choose hope over surrender to fight climate change as he opened the ten day conference on the climate in Madrid one hundred three opens this morning after three days or three days after a terrorist killed two people and injured several others before that person was shot dead now back to our top story no amounts very greatly depending on where you are if you did escape the snow the first time around you may not this time is the storm part two takes old accu weather's dean devore explains areas north and west got a lot of the snow from the first part of this storm this city and coastal areas will get the phone but snow tonight when it's all said and done total six to twelve inches Boston north and west three to six south shore Providence wanted three down along the south because keep in islands into tonight and the will be back with more detailed forecast in a few minutes as president trump was leaving for the London NATO summit he spoke about the upcoming hearings that could lead to articles of impeachment against him the president saying despite nearly a dozen witnesses.

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