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Moto team riders. Everyone just getting yourselves into the Kovac's possessions. Seesaw marshals just making no way to make sure everyone is in the correct position. I leave star two bills. The trepidation is as. And they says, live coverage, own motorsport radio on the cool fabric, seeing website as well round to the championship for the final time. Eight thousand eighteen whereabouts ago motoracing with the pinpoint one forty Emoto teams that green flag goes up. Ako sound very quickly as well. Going into turn one for the first time out at twelve Avon's gonna make their way through term one cleanly bit of Tapie only making up a few people making a lot of context running onto the grass fast time. That's not I to lots but three turns two and three everyone seems just about made it through, but the bus over the race lead various on Harvey Claridge's Leded, Jay king going into second and our easy xactly what t- needs to do now, put the flag out now j. McCain colts on to his pip crown. That is exactly why an we cannot be lower than second if Harvey clever twins, right? So Claridge Jamie king and third place, his arm clouds. So everyone else just coming. Does all bunched up time. We can really say how old plan now think shown Whitaker is in four Runako salon now. So on Claridge second-place base, Jamie king, sir, by some clouds fall. Stone, which a bit vice really turns bright stop faded turn as well. So vide- tan grades saw because I in a half seconds in the late ahead, a Jamie Kenya just needs to say that I've got my points on my despoil ADA predictions. One of the things we what says, sign up to, and Jamie king and say, can place and went on Costa hold onto his championship from last year. Some clouds said, haddish shown west caffeine. Expand fit mass cook. Great starts into sixth place phrase, Bernie ho carrying Henry, jeez, Simon cows, Asia tilt, ten Khanna Jackson. As you say, it's been a determined fightback from Jamie king list round Claridge has been on fire throughout Saturday and coming into Sunday and leading by the gap does king needed this result. And it's a result. He might just keep as he's under threat now from Mexico, impasse by master contracts, backs, cook has done throw. Now, the interesting thing here is Mexico was much quicker than hobby Claridge in the first part of this, right? So Jamie king. At the moment would lose his championship by one point is what it comes down to. So if max cook can get ahead of Harvey Claridge, then all of a sudden j. king can breathe a little bit easier of gunnison mega impressed beside clams I'm class tastic weekend near it. Touched show fantastic weekend for some clouds, winner in race on this weekend and his father. Simon winning in the motor team Israel, happy Saturday, full the clouds. Finally, a hobby. Climate was three point, four seconds ahead of mice, Kirk, Harvey clash over the line. So to Moscow new, his lap and two point eight seconds. So the gap is close game. Jamie king, bake cultivating pace, but shown Whitaker's pass. I'm house before place. Chummy ship permeates permutations is must cooking get past. It stay that really will. Jamie Kennedy gets position. Some classes just retaken shown whiskey down at term on so growed good. Move from Sam clubs. The price off was. Bold undrivable made him at made his presence spelt on shown witchcraft to pick her up at no antidote Simon clouds fights as way through the fail to think he has gone saves. He go ahead of Jason periods..

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