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A joint effort by just a multitude of of departments to find this family and bring to justice circuses the suspect was a white male in his mid thirties despite initial reports of multiple shooters Kirkus says he appears to have acted alone news on Camille Phillips hurricane Dora in a powerful category four storm with maximum sustained winds of one hundred fifty miles an hour is bearing down on the Bahamas and is expected to hit the island chain on Sunday Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis says storm surges are expected to be twelve to fifteen feet or higher I am six foot one the Serbs I expected to be told that three times my height what this with me and is that homes may potentially be completely submerged in water for Alan lives in Freeport and plans to ride Dorian he says he is used to hurricanes and that each storm brings its own set of challenges having been through so many of them over the course of our life here in the Bahamas you know you you you tend to respect each one of them authorities are warning residents and tourists to seek shelter as soon as they can before the storm hits warning those that refused to move are putting their lives at risk meanwhile the storm appears to be moving off from Florida although a tropical storm watch has been issued for the east coast of that state as Americans take time out this Labor Day weekend many of them are feeling pretty good about their jobs and your Scott Horsley reports on a new survey by the conference board the survey finds fifty four percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs the highest rating about two decades job satisfaction been growing pretty steadily since two thousand ten as the labor market has improved workers feel a lot better now about job security no surprise since the unemployment rate has fallen to a low three point seven percent wages have also been rising slightly faster than prices boosting workers spending power but less than half the workers surveyed say they're satisfied with the size their paychecks millennial workers those under thirty five not a big jump in Wade satisfaction while workers over fifty five so no improvement Scott Horsley NPR news Washington and you're listening to NPR news support for NPR comes from the Doris Duke charitable foundation which provides unrestricted support to individual.

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