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Get over to our part now for a little news from your neighborhood is our technical producer and he's scours all of the regional news sources looking for good stories what have you found so this is coming out of the U. K. a daily journal P. genie is warning residents to humble missing cinnamon lake Amaran counties about phone scams threatening to shut off residents power unless they receive a payment via a gift card PCS as these scams are becoming a lot more detail because now they use a specific names of customers in using a general dollar amount of the amount that they told us so and they're also disguising their numbers with the caller ID that says P. Jeannie writes card scams I mean that's the way they want you to get the money to them if it asks you to get a gift card it is a scam is a scam and the other point is I got one of those calls they said the were from P. Jeannie and if you don't blah blah blah we're gonna shut off your power in the gift card to our honestly I you know bill P. Jeannie does not shut off your power within hours or even days I mean the law is very clear now and you're behind in your payments with P. Jeannie number one they could set up a payment plan number two the these things take months before they shut down your power it's amazing I mean we all like to think we would never be scanned over the phone but it's amazing how well whether it's P. Jeannie or other people calling these gift card scams they really took off during the holiday and they did and so if anyone asks you to get a gift card that's just a way to launder that payments new poll out this morning from the public poly policy institute of California they do good work by the way their polls you can rely on number one number one issue in California for voters both Democrats Republicans is not taxes no well Texas is up there but number one homeless yes the homeless crisis by far I think that people are starting to see it more in their neighborhoods in their communities they're seeing at a lot more the political repercussions if this homeless crisis does not get fixed is going to be very real from governor Gavin Newsom on down the line yeah and in the polls are beginning to show this well and you can tell that they're concerned about it because there is a huge amount of action and money and and time I'm he's on a homeless tour right now promoting his billion dollar plan to fix it right now all right well how hot is it new data this morning suggesting global temperatures are warming we're gonna have a live report in three minutes and a five thirty at your first chance to win a thousand dollars when you text into when on news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. live everywhere on the I heard radio app sources you trust Christine them and on the same chain on news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. the kind of retirement you have depend solely upon you an ideal retirement.

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