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Law firm the complaint against the seventy five year old alderman is he held up permit for a remodel. Bowling job that the owner of a fast food restaurant had planned that what he wanted in return for the permits with business for his own law firm Burke has been an alderman for almost fifty years. His wife is Illinois supreme court, Justice and Burke, a side note to all this the US attorney's office did release information about the court appearance and the criminal complaint, but because of the federal government shutdown the partial shutdown, they say there will be no US attorney's office news availability after Brooks court appearance at the Dirksen, federal building, Steve Miller, News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. Of course, Burke is innocent until proven guilty. But there is a sign that some of his power may be taken from him WBZ and political editor Craig Delamore just got some new information on this. And he's live on the news line from city hall, Craig and Chris there there is heavy pressure for alderman Burke to step down from his seat as the head of the powerful city council. Finance committee. There are strong indications that considering the charges against him. Mayor Emanuel does not want to see him continue in that job because of the sensitive and important legislation that comes before that committee. He would like. Burke to step down on his own, but may be prepared to act if he doesn't live at city hall, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. WBZ M's. Bob Roberts continues. Our coverage live from Edberg's older manic office engage park on the southwest side. Paul Burks ward office at twenty six fifty west fifty first street as clearly marked eight to four hours, but the shades were drawn in the doors were locked tied at two fifteen Burke faces a challenge in next month's election and challenger Tanya Patino wasted. No time shaking hands with businessmen and women whose offices and stores line, the surrounding blocks. What does she found? Well, she says that she's finding that people are interested in talking with her expressing their ideas and not willing to put signs in the window otherwise on well, we've tried to interview.

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