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Andrew back and hey speaking of toxic bros miles henry cavill or cavill however the you don't respect superman i know my bet i don't even know his name either now it's may and rake devil british i think over here you sure his furnish them yeah i think i think that's why it's so hard for them to keep him on screen if you look for this in the superman movies they cut around him like he can't keep a straight face during shooting because he apparently is just does not have the actally heft to carry the emotional weight of an alien who is like emotionless from krypton i is anyways so that guy decided to weigh in on the metoo movement great tape yeah i know you guys think you get this more thoughts that i'd like to share so basically the overall thesis statement of his rambling this read it just read you don't even have to just read it in a cockney accent i will not yes okay oh god why you encourage apologies to the uk's yeah that's something wanna fuck about them land chase film woman as as a traditional to that which is noise i'll take a woman should be willed and chased but maybe i'm old fashioned for tink in that are you and then he went back to his american accent and said because then it's like well i don't want to go up and talk to her because i'm going to be called a rapist or something so you're you'll be called arabia's if you're a rapist my man then he said it's very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place rules of you know not raping women who said because then it's like well i don't wanna go up and talk to her because i'm going to be called a rapist or something so you're like forget it i'm going to call an ex girlfriend instead and then just go back to a relationship which never really worked but it's way safer than casting myself into the fires of hell because i'm someone in the public eye and if i go and flirt whereas jack snyder knows what's going to happen so he like switches from the second person like hypothetical situation you know thank you might think this too and then i don't wanna go because people are going to think i'm a rapist so then i call my exgirlfriend never worked out with in the first place it's like you oh you're really unloading in this hypothetical metoo fogging cluster fuck you'd think he was just trying to get back with his ex girlfriend his really fucked up yeah miss you kiki well geeky but he essentially was saying that he got back with his ex girlfriend even though their relationship never worked in the first place so it was like if he's dating his ex girlfriend somebody he winds south with that would be funny if she really better dating house he's like wait what the fuck is this so you guys are relationship how did that work if you were you know sublimating criticism of your current relationship through an interview with g q in which you also said and i'm kind of a rapist yeah i mean he should be therapy right yeah he should also stay single for the rest of his life because he thinks that if he talks to a woman he'll be accused of rape right which leads me to believe he talks to them with his penis you're next we know how to talk which means you know what you're going to have to sit in your house like so you do dick god now i can't come back to nanos and then he kelly you around how it happens you fine kelly again yeah yeah it just it shows you someone who already does not understand how male female interaction or just ro interaction can work where somehow by merely interacting like oh that opens me up to rape accusations like normal day to day you can be like hi how are.

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