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In downtown Manchester, New Hampshire is known for its food and is a must stop for any presidential candidate. You have to walk through these doors in order to get into that Oval Office. But co owner, Amanda whitby worries that might change. Democrats go through with a plan to drop the grain of state as their first primary. Every four years, they descend upon us and I think a lot of people customers would be disappointed that was taken from us. Democrats are set to approve a new calendar Saturday that moves South Carolina's primary to the front, followed by a combo of New Hampshire and Nevada three days later. That CBS senior White House correspondent Ed O'Keefe in New Hampshire. D.C. has already spent millions on tutoring efforts to help students recover from the pandemic. And now the city is expanding those efforts. 9 organizations ranging from American university to Horton's kids will receive grants to fund the tutoring sessions. Mayor muriel Bowser says the $7 million investment will allow the city to reach more students. That will allow these organizations to work with 3600 more students over the next 20 months. High impact tutoring usually occurs in small groups for at least 90 minutes per week, superintendent Christina grant. Our 9 new providers are going to focus on math and literacy. They're going to think differently about how they provide individualized service. Grant expects the city to exceed its goal of providing tutoring to 10,000 kids by September 2024. Scott gelman, WTO P news. Coming up after traffic and weather, 80 for Brady is in theaters this weekend, does it work? Will you go with no football to watch? We'll explore that with vulture critic Jen chaney, just a few minutes. 1236 This Valentine's, it will be love at first sight when you see diamonds directs classics collection. This must have collection includes diamond study rings, diamond hoop earrings, diamond

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