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Budget over a friend's house to a wine tasting web show and during the taping one of my molars fell out, and I just spit it out and continue the fucking show deal with AO. See I wasn't dancing on rooftops in college and being filmed. I was fucking on mattresses on the ground without like on the ground. Matt my air mattress. One time pop year was next to it. I thought someone shot a gun in my get out of my my my current health insurance is strictly so my parents, don't go bankrupt. If something. Terrible happens. That's truly it. He's not going to a doctor in six years. That's it. And not only that not only does she deliver the speech. But then when I was on lunch today. She re tweeted at five times in a row, the same video of her speech. She did what's his noxious? But I did like bats. And I did like it after that. Yeah. It was great. He was. Yeah. Good point a lot of points the same time climate climate guys. If for some reason, you're still using Facebook. I've got great news for you. Mark zuckerberg's college science project Facebook member he started in a dorm. They announced in a blog post, his ideas dorm, it was in a dorm started on a blog post that they are banning white nationalism and white separatism on platform. So that's good. Yeah. When I heard this news, I immediately log on my burner profile account Jason Davies, who's a member of number of white nationalist groups for content to get. That's why I joined the Bobo group for content and ordered a bunch of dogs. Yeah. Anyway, it was content to get one last fix of white nationalism before disappears next week. And I found it Thomas White posted an unintentionally ironic text me that. Quote. I'm proud to be what I bet. No one passes this on because they're scared of be called a racist. Yes. Does not Jiri scam. It's ironic because his last name is white. I will I will not like to be called a racist. Are prince in trouble? Just just don't worry guy sucker bergh's got us covered. Let's trust him to decide. What's right and wrong to say, it's way smarter than just saying, whatever you fucking feel like facing the consequences. Soccer Berg, he's got us. He's got us our best interest in Marsh rent. Let's just he's banning one small group of idiots at a time while letting all sorts of data get hacked the Russians in the guy the guy all booker's rest guys slow process in his dorm room Boeing company on Wednesday took its most aggressive move yet to defend its core. Seven thirty seven airliner franchise saying it has developed software fixes to prevent failures of automated flight control systems that have caused two deadly crashes in the past five months. Luckily, it only took them five months. Oh. It wasn't this like a optional upgrade or optional. It was it was considered. Yes. An automatic locks verse, you know, manual believe they call this feature death feature. So anyway, buck Boeing, let's take weight loss update. A quick update for you guys at again, sorry, all the haters that hate these updates..

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