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A couple of people around the organization who play. We talked about doing some jam sessions together. One of them is a are are traveling secretary or our travel lead in. I might get together and play music together. I remember back to being in Tampa Bay as a player Longoria myself. Fernando Perez other players who played instruments or get into jam session regular basis We'd have a play set up where we could go play. Rocco Ball Deli was involved in that as well So I think it's a really good way to stay connected. Play music together songs. Wanted to make sure that I have my base boy. That's beautiful sounds like a great zoom opportunity these days but I think you're using probably for other reasons. That's about my family. I can relate you have an eighteen year old. I have a seventeen year old. Who's using zoom every day in school? Which is a great thing for these kids? It's a classroom setting and it's a lecture. It's a class participation. It's as if you're there and it's a really cool thing. I myself spend Easter on zoom. Usually I get together with the family but wasn't to happen this time. Anyway what could I could ask. What a typical day is for you. You know from communicating with your staff and players and front office to even do in the personal things like like eating or cooking or working out under You know obviously you have to prepare for a season that may or may not come but the communication factor I imagine is paramount. And what's Your Day like in these times? A great a great question and you mentioned you mentioned zoo. I think we're lucky that we're sheltering in place in a time where we can use various.

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