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Bandera off and on through Babcock near eastbound ninety sixteen. Oh, four through hunt lane. You're gonna find heavy traffic Nagin Bishop NewsRadio twelve hundred w. Okay. I hear Weather Channel forecast for this Wednesday, scattered thunderstorms becoming widespread this afternoon. A high of eighty two fifty percent chance of showers and storms developing tonight. Our rain chances increase even more overnight a lowest seventy-one right now, cloudy skies, seventy four degrees. Get a move on. It's eight oh, one at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I the DFW area was pounded by monster storms last night. A tornado touchdown in Denton county not far from the campus of Texas woman's university. No reports of injuries. There's also a series of residential flooding this morning in the Denton county town of Argyll. The national weather service says the storm system stretches from north of Boston all the way to the Ohio valley. A couple more days. Severe weather potential starting today. There'd be a risk of severe storms over parts of North Texas, mainly perhaps creeping into southern Oklahoma. Again, large hail damage. He wins a few tornadoes. It'd be possible. The latest weather prediction for our area shows a marginal chance of severe weather, but we will see rain especially this afternoon and evening today's appearance by attorney general William bar before a Senate committee is taking on a whole new meaning after special counsel Robert Muller dressed down bar over a summary of his findings just days after Terry general William bar releases summary findings of the mullahs report the special counsel wrote him a letter saying the four page memo did not fully capture the context nature and substance of his investigation Robert Mueller also wrote there is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation the Washington Post, which obtained the letter reported the two later spoke on the phone during that conversation Muller said. He did not believe bar summary memo to congress was inaccurate. But that he was concerned about the media coverage of the obstruction investigation. Venezuelans.

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