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The first thing I did was go to gymnastics gym and get a job there, so I had A. Part Time Job coaching gymnastics which I always kept throughout my production years so I was always still involved in gymnastics world. and. I was able to use those facilities that I was still coaching at to practice, and then I figured out. You know rigs that. The stunt people used and then translate that into You know they Hong Kong Style and just looking at you. Know watching choreography in Hong Kong Movies Jackie Chan. Jet Li and things like that I just started experimenting, and it's it's you know. It just progressed from there. So then eventually you know I, I! Started being used for different movies where we were using a lot more wire work, and then you know it just. snowballed. And and you know then we, we would on the job, and we would figure out choreography, and we would do the same process that we used on the Matrix where you know, we would spend a lot more time rehearsing the choreography, which was not a typical. Western style of of choreographing and you know we would. We would work on just wire tricks in that process I connected with I, started my own stunt team And that I brought on a guy named Sam hardgrave. WHO's now one of its stock, top stunt or neighbors? In the world? He coordinated The marvel movies avengers civil war and He actually he's got a movie coming out now. that he actually directed extraction with Chris Hemsworth but he and I basically you know we. We would have our guys together. Two three times a week, just working on choreography working on skills working on tricks putting together filming techniques working on wire work techniques weapons and. So it, it all progress from there. I was still teaching gymnastics I was teaching Wushu. Kung Fu by this time which I still teach to this day so. He's been involved in a lot of aspects of teaching and that that help me keep my hand in the game when it came to you know progressing and learning and understanding they are. So, not long after you worked on the Matrix, you went over to work on Star Trek Enterprise I knew you were in the pilot episode broken bow, Van, and then later in future tense from season to. Again another alien character in season four so. I gotta ask. What is the casting process like? I don't perform on star. Trek show when it comes to stunts a lot of times. The stunt coordinators look to the people that they. Know and I'd known this stunt coordinator for Awhile. We've worked on several shows together or ready, and he knew my skills and I. You know I invited him to my. Rehearsals for other things, and and you know he, he coordinated me on on several other shows already, he knew my skills and he knew you know we. Talk about what you're doing and you. You see what other people can do, so there was a level of trust that the stunt coordinator news. I could get the job done then when it comes down to it, he pulls in the people that he knows that can can do the job properly, and we did a real lineup with he brought in. You Know Twenty thirty people. We all sit in the lineup, and then casting director, or the you know the producers or director, or whoever was involved, kicked us out of the lineup, and said you look like you know the the character that we wanted Cetera et Cetera, so it came down to I think there were. For five of us, initially, stunt sued Lebron on the the first pilot episode. that. used. And just viewers you're watching these episodes back at his episode airs. No at tells which stunt. He performed on those episodes, so he can pick you out. It's really difficult to tell. Went through enterprise recently. And I. Watched and I went. Oh, yeah I remember that and I kind of forgotten some of the things. I actually as as a soula. Von I can't even remember which episodes they were, but I got to do. The the first teleport Where where We had a big fight I I came in. We did a big wire trick and I came down and I attack one of one of the enterprise crew, and then I took over the. The control room and I saved myself out I. I can't remember what the term is for that when. teleporting off the ship but I got to disappear off the ship. They really funky cool CGI thing where I'm actually crawling across the ceiling upside down like a spider, so half of that was. Me and then half of that was a CGI pickup and then there. I'm all over the place the we're. We're falling down. We're getting shot. Like I said there were like for five in the initial episode. Anytime you see somebody, get shot. It's it's one of us, but there you know i. did some really Nice little little high falls and some wire tricks. I did a wire trick where I jumped up onto a shuttle in that same scene, and then I went into the transporter room. What else did we do on that? It was it was actually I. Complain About it to this day. the especially on that first episode the The costuming that we were wearing shula bone costumes were basically neoprene wetsuits So pretty thin. costumes. With no room for preparing, so when we had to take a fall, we really took a fall and the hardest part I found was when we were on a spaceship. There's no. Room for error. When it comes to falling, 'cause you're falling. We had metal grading on the on the deck of. The ship. So, we were falling down basically on metal grading. Doing one back fall where I was just hanging from my back..

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