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April eighteenth ryan kaufman and chris brayden will square off one more time to finally decide who is better wing eater join drivetime sports is broadcast live from buffalo wild wings north academy for buffalo wild wings team up for kids benefiting the boys and girls clubs of colorado springs so join drivetime sports april eighteenth at buffalo wild wings at seventy four twenty five north academy at three pm hey remember the mortgage meltdown of two thousand eight have you tried to refinance since then and been turned down or maybe you haven't even tried because your credit score's stuck at five eighty five or your tax returns have too many write offs well cashcall mortgage has great news we have refinance loans for people who've been told no and what's doubly exciting is that we can solve your mortgage problems and our total is nine hundred ninety five dollars wait cashcall are you saying you now have credit and income solving mortgages for people like me are you kidding you heard right we have credit or income solving loans with a nine hundred ninety five dollar lender and call eight five wheels five eight corrected seven us five and cash said no and we'll work are with not you to it solve was here your i mortgage issues i didn't know make that i the thought cash he skipped call at eight like five five i thought eight he was seven gonna five skip cash and it was funny that's because eight five that five was the whole eight thing seven five cash what's driving first the mortgages show impac is mortgage corp dba coming cashcall up next mortgage one city boulevard orange california nine two eight six eight and mls one two three one equal housing lender not licensed in all states including new york colleagues we've jim rome reached with it your the report point where apparently tuesday's green bay can packers only get wide better receiver with trevor more davis america's did not favorite know the one boneless thing wings that i thought everybody so here in the buffalo world wild new wings we you invented do not boneless make tuesdays jokes about bombs when you buy or an explosives order boneless wings at an airport and get a second order he free did just that that's twice lax the wings and and twice according the to sauces.

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