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Me you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR news and you're listening to All Things Considered here on ninety point three K. AZ you were online all the time at Katie easy you dot org and we're on demand twenty four seven on your mobile device support for K. easy you comes from Kirby school in Santa Cruz grades six through twelve where intellectual challenge seekers are invited to an open house on January twenty fifth to to our campus and meet instructors details at Kirby dot org we also received support from sweet Elena's bakery and cafe in St city offering king cakes for a Tiffany catering trays and caramel whiskey walnut tart full holiday menu at sweet Elena's dot com orders by phone at eight three one three nine three two zero six three on the K. easy you community calendar if you're looking to celebrate the new year in a musical way plan on bringing in twenty twenty with the fifteenth annual new year's eve collide a phone at the peace United church of Christ in Santa Cruz featuring music from baroque to contemporary with free admission including champagne sparkling cider and chocolates starts at four PM new year's eve with details singing out on the K. easy you community calendar and that's it Casey you dot org where you can post your own event workshop or other community activity thanks to our sponsor the sunset cultural center in Carmel and if you're looking for something special for your new year's eve party check out today's farmers market for fresh produce fresh foods gifts and other goodies to ring in the new year there's a farmer's market today in Pacific Grove on central across from the library and it will be open until five thirty tonight in traffic heads up for an accident reported a three car collision on one oh oneself Bennett Cochran road should be clearing by now vehicles are in the center divide and coming up on All Things Considered Russian president Putin taps into a deep sense of resentment to increase his popularity ratings that story and more coming up right here on ninety point three K..

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