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Was this was this something that was was the tgi farnese added when when like as you were growing up or is it i think that was always there up so it wasn't there when we were like five they sorted i guess when they franchise or no like when they actually the year that they franchised out to specifically to us but it came in there that's always an exciting thing to happening place this place nearby was super close we really liked it i was always busy all parents were very very money conscious like they didn't want to spend a lot of money and and understanding have it there there was a place we ate at say lewis called mr stake in our parents when we were kids mr steak which is just great like didn't elevate the that could be someone's porn dr wasn't a master steak he was a master chef mr is common is could be mr stink they offered kids a drumstick of chicken and a peach wedge with a lettuce garnish i want you guys to guess how much tia gave it away say something in the twenty dollar range so no twenty dollars that's that's a really i thought he didn't oh wait i think we suggesting i think they're saying it's a bar it's barco say twenty cents twenty nine cents and they fed both of us for like two fifty eight cents so that was something we would do there's a place called lines choice which is one of the best roast beef we've ever had that's in saint louis still there today we went back there we went to saint louis it's amazing they had five cent ice cream saucer ice cream cones so our parents kind of knew the deal of where to go to get the cheap thing this was like special occasion it'll been nicer you know my mind was so i my porn name would be petite filet.

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