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It is a meet Friday, by the way, we if the live look in. We were showing Andrew luck as he was playing dodgeball at the Pro Bowl. And of course, did somebody gives you a heads up on social media when you say somebody everybody did okay all of them because that was as easy as you've ever had it for a live look in with Andrew luck. So in the morning, I get in. I try to find something. Pithy and funny to put up on the screen make a little joke with you guys. And I was watching this dodgeball thing last night and your lock was playing pretty well. But I saw. Great game that child pre concern to where I am now. He, but he was smoking people. He smoked akiem Hicks. He took down Mr. Brady and. He own the game. And then afterwards he was celebrating Ellen said Hello to him. So good job. He is he's as Corky is hell, but man is he fun. He's like he got an a time machine from nineteen fifty four and just showed up, and he would have been in back to the future. Yes. He probably would have been Michael J. Fox's buddy in my back to the future. He probably would have gone after biff. Maybe he could've played Michael J, FOX is dead. He you. If you get your hands off her. What are you doing over there? Although if I'm the colds, I don't know if I want Andrew luck out there throwing a dodgeball just. I got saquon Barkley out there. Trying to dodge dodge balls, I couldn't watch it. I don't want to watch it. Did you see where Cam Newton had arthroscopic surgery on a shoulder? And you're.

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