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We've had giant xiao's irs we've had what do they call them neom bosa ron early on you see any lacking was there yeah there was a couple of people who you know who had lack it's hard to find a lack of many and out of all sixteen psa three dogs how many aren't mallon walls there's there's zero go parks got his his psa three on a german shepherd and another trainer one on kind of courses all like to see that that's a bad as dogar hurt from a hidden sleep probably yeah yeah so to probably out that you art mouth no some melanomas yeah so how much does if you could give a percentage on jerry how much does genetics play into psa three dogs is it because i would imagine nerves comes into play heart everything comes into play when when you get to that kind of level of training you know is it we've had several decoys on the show in the past and it's always genetics versus training once you get to that level what is your opinion on that is it something actually i've been thinking about a lot just from a perspective of being a dog trainer i think we're relearning lot more about what role genes and environment play if you look at the the epa genetics literature environment can turn on and turn off genes right so you know if you can have you can have a genetic beast but if it's in the wrong hands might not necessarily develop the way that you wanted to so like people i you know it's you know it's like you know people are talking about cloning.

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